Buy Local: Supporting Main Street

Buy Local: Why Localism
Localism is a movement all about interacting…
December 19, 2017/by Jen Kouyoumjian

Made in America: 50 Products, 50 States

We take pride in the fact that our product is made in America,…
December 12, 2017/by Anna Izard

Multi-Tool Wallet: 10 compelling reasons you need one

December 5, 2017/by Jen Kouyoumjian

Life Hack: DIY around Your Home and in the Great Outdoors

Life Hack: making life easier, one hack at a time.
Life can…
November 28, 2017/by Anna Izard

Manufacturing the Toolcard Pro

November 20, 2017/by Jen Kouyoumjian

How To Multitool: A How To Guide for Your Toolcard Pro

How To or Not To—That is the Question
So, you purchased your…
November 14, 2017/by Anna Izard
American Flag

Veterans: The 18.5 Million in the United States

Our Great Country
325 million citizens have the very rare…
November 7, 2017/by Scott Duerk

Our Mission: Designing Products with Meaning

Once upon a time...
...products had meaning. Tools were forged…
November 1, 2017/by mike

Small Business, Big Impact: Supporting a Cause

One Small Business and the World
Lever Gear is a small business…
October 24, 2017/by Anna Izard

Portable drafting tools – How to create great drawings anywhere with your EDC tools

 Drafting tools in your pocket?
Have you been out with friends…
October 13, 2017/by Jen Kouyoumjian
Toolcard Pro Bottle Opener

The Perfect Groomsmen Gift!


Looking for the perfect gift for your groomsmen? Don’t…
June 29, 2017/by April Scully

Outdoor Gear Builders’ Holiday Gift Guide 2016!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and you've been too busy…
November 29, 2016/by April Scully