Hi! I’m Aaron—Lever Gear’s Operations Assistant—and I have a confession. Despite working in the EDC industry, I don’t consider myself to be a gear fanatic. I only buy what seems to work, and I only carry what I need (or what I think looks the coolest). This article is a little review of what gear I keep in my pockets and what I want to put in them.

What I Have: Spyderco Tenacious

My brother gave me this knife. Well, he gave me one like it. I lost the original at an Every Time I Die show in New Orleans because it got hooked on some lady’s fishnets in the pit. Regardless…Despite the fact that it’s one of Spyderco’s cheapest blades, I love the quality of the knife. If you don’t want to spend 3 figures on your pocket knife, this is a fantastic option.

What I Want: Either the Gerber Flatiron or the Spyderco ROC



I REALLY want one of these cleaver-style folding blades. I do not know why. They don’t appear to have any added utility. As far as I know, there is no particular purpose that the shape of the blade fulfills either. All I know is that they are aesthetic as hell, trendy as can be, and I want two. (And apparently so do a lot of other people. You’ll notice, if you follow the links provided to the gear’s respective product pages, both of these knives of entirely sold out, and they have been for weeks.)


What I Have: Cheap Leather Wallet I Pulled Out Of the Trash

A few years ago, my friend was moving out of his apartment in New Orleans. He was a props master for some major touring theater productions, so he was throwing out all these miscellaneous accessories, one of which was the wallet pictured. While I lived in NOLA, I used it as a secondary dummy wallet. What is a dummy wallet? Well, you keep like 5 bucks and a fake ID, maybe an old credit card, in it and carry it alongside your actual wallet. If you get mugged, you can hand over the dummy, and now you don’t have to go through the hassle of canceling your credit cards and visiting the DMV to get a new picture taken.

Eventually, my main wallet, which—side note—I believed to be made of eel but was really made of hagfish, fell apart. So, I started using my dummy as my replacement.

What I Want: Wally Micro by Distil Union

These things are magic. Seriously. They look really small. As in the there-is-no-way-my-Toolcard,-ID,- and-credit-cards-are-gonna-fit-in-there kind of small. But then, like a magic trick, all your gear disappears inside. The pull string is also a really functional feature.


What I Have: iPhone 7 // Headphones w/ Lightning Connector // Tactical Pelican Case


Satan Incarnate

First and foremost, I am not kind to my things.

I spend most of my life sandwiched between reality and whatever media I’m consuming on my phone, so for me having the lightning connector headphones is a must. And, you can imagine the kind of wear and tear I put on the dainty adapter. I’ve gone through 3 of these things. They don’t necessarily snap in half, but they will slowly lose their connection over time, making phone conversations annoyingly fade in and out and lowering the quality of your customer service job drastically.

What I Want: One of Those High-End Anti-Surveillance Burners OR A Fancy Brick Phone

Huawei phones are made in China, so they might as well be made by the Chinese Communist Party. Why would I, a red-blooded patriotic American want one of their phones? Because they, unlike phones made by US companies, are not made with NSA-approved surveillance hardware and backdoors. Don’t get me wrong, using one of these phones is probably akin to inviting the Chinese state to third-wheel all of my conversations, but at least it’s a guy on the other side of the planet and not the dude I used to go to high school with.


Okay, admittedly, this Higoo brick phone has terrible reviews: It won’t really hold a charge. The interface may or may not be in Korean when it arrives at your house. You will probably have to buy new service because it only functions on certain carriers and only on 2G. The Bluetooth functionality appears to be non-existent.

However, this is all a small price to pay for being able to experience the unbridled baller-dom of pulling one of these out in public. At $53.96, that is a gamble I am willing to take.


What I Have: Timex Ironman Triathlon 

If this were only my outdoors/hiking/running-around-and-getting-sweaty sort of watch, it would be great. Whatever plastic they used for the band is totally resistant to sweat and dirt and punishment. It absolutely refuses to become gross and stinky. So, dirtballs rejoice! The only downside is that this gear is hella gaudy and not the classiest wrist piece. Timex’s newest variety of them are better in terms of gaud and class, but not by much.

What I Want: Timex Expedition

This is the perfect watch. I’ve gone through like 5 of these because I’m really rough with them, but I love the balance of sportiness and maturity that this watch/band combo strikes. This is what I would refer to as Walmart-chic: it’s an adequate choice that you can make on the cheap…literally at Walmart! Every one I’ve bought has come from Walmart. The strap might get funky quickly if you sweat with it but who cares? You can get replacement straps for $10-$20. Thanks, Walmart!

What I Have: Lever Gear Toolcard Pro Black With Clip

I keep this clipped to the change pocket of my pants. The clip is something I see under-utilized with the Toolcard Pro: few people use it as a means to attach the card for carrying. And, bonus,, the high contrast of the laser etched graphics against the black finish make all the markings super easy to read on the fly.

What I Want: Lever Gear CLiP System

This gear coming soon!

On June 28, we successfully completed our Kickstarter campaign for the CLiP™ System! Miss all the excitement? Check out our New Product Page for the latest updates on our newest line of everyday carry gear. With everyone excited for their BitVaults™ and BitLights™ that are coming down the pipeline, we thought you might be asking yourself, “What am I going to put in this thing?” If you don’t know yet, don’t fret! We’ve got some ideas of our own to share:


5.) The Musician’s Friend

This carry includes:

  • EarPlugs
  • 3 Guitar Picks
  • 1/4″ to Aux Converter
  • Phillips Head Bit

If you’re a guitarist, you’ve probably lost a pick in your pocket before. Never again! This carry allows you to keep all the screws on your guitar tight, protect your hearing, and always be ready to perform! The 1/4″ converter is nice to keep handy too because it instantly transforms any amplifier into a boom box!


4.) The Wingman

This carry includes:

  • Floss Picks
  • Mints
  • Ibuprofen (in case your date is a headache or you have a hangover the next morning…all depending on how the date goes!)
  • Emergency Cash

Have you ever done a last-minute bathroom check on a date? Well coiffed hair? Check. Suave outfit? Yes. Beautiful smile? Uh-oh… That’s when you realize you have some of your dinner stuck in your teeth and your breath stinks. It’s not a great place to be—trust us. If you carry some of these first date necessities, though, you’ll be set to go with floss, mints, and other essentials that can save the night!


3.) The Emergency Contact

This carry includes:

  • Band Aids
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Ear Plugs
  • A Mint
  • Ibuprofen
  • Antacid

We’ve all been in a situation where we needed first aid but didn’t have anything—on a hike (blisters are the worst), out to dinner (heartburn is probably worse than heartbreak), or after trying out your nephew’s new skateboard (just us?). We know life is fraught with moments that call for medical attention, so with this carry  you can always be prepared with first aid supplies nearby and a mint that makes any bad situation just a little bit better!


2.) The Navigator 

This carry includes:

  • Elastic Band
  • Ibuprofen
  • Phillips Head Bit
  • Safety Pins
  • Bobby Pins
  • Emergency Cash
  • Micro-Map

So, your wallet just got pick-pocketed, you’re lost in an unfamiliar city, and you can feel the stress headache already coming. It’s a not-so-fun place to be. BUT! With medication, some emergency cash, and a micro-map that can get you back to your hotel, this carry can keep you on the right track. Are you a lady or a guy with luscious locks? Having a spare hair band and bobby pins are a must for those muggy, but wonderful summer adventures! And safety pins make for a great quick-fix for those small clothing malfunctions that always seem to crop up while you’re on the road.


1.) The Handyman

This carry includes:

  • Phillips Head Bit
  • Flathead Bit
  • Torx Drive Bits
  • Allen Wrench Bit
  • Robertson Bit

Who among us has taken a totally unnecessary trip to the ol’ toolbox or hardware store because we forgot to bring a screwdriver?  This carry features six different styles of bit drivers that we use regularly, but your options are limitless. You can fill the BitVault™ with whatever six bits you happen to use the most. Need a flashlight for the repair you’re making? You can carry up to four bits in your BitLight™ too!


Buy Local: Why Localism

Localism is a movement all about interacting with local businesses to foster relationships within the community for the benefit of the business, consumer, and city. It’s about cities reinvesting in dilapidated buildings, turning them into companies or condos, and revitalizing once-abandoned areas of town. Hampton Station—where our office is located in Greenville, SC—is localism done right because of these very reasons.

With five days to Christmas, it is the perfect time to buy local.

“Localism encompasses our relationships with the people who grow our food, offer local goods and services, and invest in our enterprises…”   from  bealocalist.org/what-is-localism/

A local taco shop across from Lever Gear offices.  

Buy Local: Why it Matters

A study by Civic Economics Survey showed on average, locally owned businesses in Wayne County, Utah kept 65.9% of revenue in their local community, while 13.6% of national chains’ revenue went to local communities. This means the more money we put into local businesses, the more our communities benefit.  If each person shifted a small percentage of their spending to their local economy, our communities could blossom. Localism is about relationships, and I believe that fostering opportunities for local businesses matters to our well-being as a community and society at large.

Graph of Revenue Re-circulation of national chains vs independents

Source: Civic Economics Survey of Independent Businesses

Buy Local: Greenville, South Carolina

Our new home in Greenville, South Carolina is a microcosm of how communities can thrive or struggle based on geographic consumer patterns. In the mid 20th century, Western Carolina, and Greenville in particular, was the textile capital of the U.S. and arguably the world. But as the economy became more global and textile production moved overseas, the local economy was decimated. Today, the region is undergoing a revival thanks to a diverse mix of industries, a growing trend towards supporting local business, and new collaborative workspaces and think tanks.

Our founder, Mike, first started dreaming up such co-op spaces in San Francisco where he created a collaborative space for artists and innovators. Seeking something similar on the East Coast, when Mike first visited Hampton Station, he knew this place would be ideal for his Lever Gear vision.We, and many other small businesses,  are located at Hampton Station in Greenville, SC. The property is a refurbished cotton storage warehouse that was built in 1919. Now Hampton Station sells itself as a new approach to work and play—the perfect description, in my opinion.With several unique local businesses, a beirgarten, and open green space, Hampton Station provides a fun space for the community. The businesses in Hampton Station—like all good, small companies—support and celebrate each other. It is localism at its best.

Lever Gear is also around the corner from another local hot spot: Swamp Rabbit Café & Grocery. Swamp Rabbit Café works to create a thriving environment for small local farmers. My family has a micro farm, and the Swamp Rabbit Café never turns away our produce. I shop the Grocery several times a week and enjoy the experience, people, and farmer’s products.

I am grateful for my community and the opportunities it has given my family. After work-life in a global corporation, I became dependent on my local communities; buying artisan beer, locally grown vegetables, farm fresh eggs, and local art. Part of being a localist is understanding how powerful our daily shopping decisions are to our local communities.

The frisée pictured above is from my husband’s farm, GoodThingsGrowHere.com

The villagewrench.org is a local 501c3 that partners with Swamp Rabbit Café to help children learn social responsibility through bicycles!

Buy Local: It’s Never Too Late

Finally, if you’re like me, you missed the online shopping deadline. But, after learning about the benefits of buying local, I’ll buy my last-minute gifts locally on these last days of holiday shopping. If you’re local and want to pick up a last minute Toolcard Pro, you can come by Lever Gear Monday – Friday from 9a – 5p. We will also be open this Saturday, December 23 from 1p – 5p for everyone wanting to support our small business and Greenville!


We take pride in the fact that our product is made in America, and I wanted to know what other companies out there were creating American-made goods. So, I did a little research. Here’s a list of 50 companies making things from cars to climbing gear, booze to backpacks, and everything in between. Take a look at what’s being created in your state and all over the US. You may even want to add a few things to your wish list! Click on the company names to check out what they’re doing on social media:

Alabama – Bourbon Pens

Bourbon Pens

Pens handcrafted from bourbon barrel oak that’s been used to age bourbon—what’s more American than that? Did the founding fathers sign the constitution with quills? Yeah, maybe, but I bet they would have preferred to use these. Learn more at http://www.bourbonpens.com/

Alaska – The Ulu Factory

Ulu knife

Super sharp, super effective, and only a little scary. The Alaska Ulu is an incredible knife that would be an asset to anyone’s kitchen.  The Ulu is made in America for some serious American cooking. Learn more at http://www.theulufactory.com/

Arizona – Jacob Bromwell

Jacob Bromwell

Founded in 1819, Jacob Bromwell has been producing in America for nearly 200 years, so whether you’re looking to bolster your recreational drinking habit with a flask or buy your mom a classic flour sifter for the holidays, Jacob Bromwell is for you. Learn more at https://www.jacobbromwell.com/

Arkansas – Stone County Ironworks

Stone County Ironworks

Stone County Ironworks has been forging iron in the fires of Mordor—excuse me—in the US since 1979 and they create some amazing handcrafted ironwork. From bed frames to swings these guys do it all and have amazing talent! Learn more at http://www.stonecountyironworks.com/

California – Tesla


Tesla. Is there really anymore to say? If you’re thinking of gifting someone a Tesla this Christmas, go ahead and add me to your list too. Thanks! Fun fact, Hampton Station—where our office is located—is an official Tesla destination charging station. Learn more at https://www.tesla.com/

Colorado – Ballpark Blueprints 

ballpark blueprints

Sports fans can buy the blueprints for their favorite baseball fields, golf courses, soccer stadiums, and more. Hang it on your wall, put it on a mug, order the blueprint on a t-shirt or blanket. There are so many options and so many blueprints. Learn more at https://ballparkblueprints.com/

Connecticut – Fierce Face Protection

Fierce Face Protection

Whether you’re a snowboarder that needs something to cut the wind or you’re a biker that wants a bug-free smile after riding, Fierce Face Protection makes fleece-lined bandanas for the whole family and ships around the world. Learn more at http://www.fiercefaceprotection.net/

Delaware – Dogfish Head

Dog Fish Head

There’s no gift quite like a case of beer under the tree (especially if it’s an IPA) and no one does IPAs quite like Dogfish Head. They’re currently sold in 36 states and Washington, D.C. so chances are you can pick one up and try it for yourself. Learn more at https://www.dogfish.com/

Florida – East Coast Paddle

East Coast Paddle

Made in America by the hands of experienced watermen and women. Looking for a relaxing adventure? Try these eco-friendly paddle boards. And if you’re in Florida, you can even get a lesson, go fishing, or take an ecotour with the company. Learn more at http://www.eastcoastpaddle.com/

Georgia – Gorilla Sacks

Gorilla Sacks

Want to find a made in America, do-good company with an amazing product? This is it! Gorilla Sacks uses recycled billboard vinyl to create durable, weather proof bags. Better yet, 10% of every purchase goes to help save gorillas. Learn more at http://www.gorillasacks.com/

Hawaii – Koloa Rum Company

Koloa Rum Company

Taste the spirit of Hawaii without having to pay for the flight! Koloa Rum is made from a collection of local ingredients, with a major ingredient being one of Hawaii’s oldest commercial crops—cane sugar. Learn more at http://koloarum.com/

Idaho – Proof Eyewear


Sunglasses made with wood and aluminum frames. This eco-conscious company was looking to change the game, and they did. Starting in 2010 as a garage production, Proof Eyewear now has distributors in 20 countries world wide. Learn more at https://www.iwantproof.com/

Illinois – Weber Grills 


A grill is a great gift, especially if you’re giving it to someone who will feed you when they use it. It’s a win-win for everyone. Weber has been around for more than 60 years, and their grills have always been made in America. Learn more at https://www.weber.com/

Indiana – American LandMaster

American Landmaster

Made in America is practically in the name. If you have a lot of land or if you have a lot to do, American LandMaster makes great UTVs. They even make electric ones if you’re looking for eco-friendly options. Learn more at https://americanlandmaster.com/

Iowa – Millstream Brewery

Millstream Brewery

Millstream Brewery is Iowa’s oldest microbrewery, but they’re not just about beer—they make their own sodas too! If you get the chance, you can also visit Millstream Brau Haus where an authentic German menu is served to compliment the brew. Learn more at http://www.millstreambrewing.com/

Kansas – Cobalt Boats

Cobalt Boats

For the water sport enthusiasts out there, check out Cobalt Boats. These boats are beautiful and sleek, and they’re made in Kansas. Don’t let the land-locked state fool you, Kansas and Cobalt can design a quality boat for your adventures. Learn more at http://www.cobaltboats.com/

Kentucky – Fall Creek Handcrafted Knives

Fall Creek Custom Knives

Knives are sometimes given to sons as a right of passage, and this company is working to create heirlooms. These fixed blade and folding knives are designed and handcrafted by one man who is passionate about quality craftsmanship. Learn more at http://fallcreekknives.com/

Louisiana – Duce Rods


If you don’t have a large enough budget for the Cobalt Boat and a Duce Rod, just get the rod and have fun hooking a few. These rods are made in America for professionals and first timers alike. Learn more at https://ducerods.com/

Maine – Brant & Cochran

Brant & Cochran

Axes have played a huge part in our nation’s history and Brant & Cochran is restoring that vital role by literally restoring old axes and manufacturing new ones. With the goal to Make, Educate, and Curate, Brant & Cochran has an inspiring history and bright future. Learn more at https://www.bnctools.com/

Maryland – Plakthat


For the crafter in all of us, there’s Plakthat—a Maryland company that prints images and logos on wood of all sizes, making all your rustic DIY dreams come true. Learn more at http://www.plakthat.com/

Massachusetts – Ball and Buck

Ball and Buck

From beanies to boots, Ball and Buck create made in America menswear with a brick and mortar store in Boston, MA. They even offer free shipping on domestic orders! Learn more at https://ballandbuck.com/

Michigan – Superior Wilderness Designs

Superior Wilderness Designs

Backpacks, created by backpackers, could you really ask for more? These ultra-light packs are even customizable, so you can have a say in your pack’s design process to make sure it fits your needs. Learn more at https://www.swdbackpacks.com/

Minnesota – HED Cycling

HED Cycling

Mountain biker or triathlete, there’s nothing quite like HED wheels to get you rolling (pun intended). Does the Tour de France ring a bell? HED wheels were there, getting cyclists where they needed to go. Learn more and get moving at https://www.hedcycling.com/

Mississippi – Coon Creek Custom Calls

Coon Calls

I’ll be the first to admit, I know very little about game calls, but Coon Creek’s calls have been awarded by the National Wild Turkey Federation every single time they’ve been entered into a competition. As soon as you visit their webpage, you can experience the maker’s passion, and I believe good quality flows from passion, so if game calls are your thing, I highly recommend giving these guys a try. Learn more at http://cooncreekcalls.com/

Missouri – Sandlot Goods

Sandlot Goods

These guys make leather goods, good leather goods. From wallets to journals and travel bags to coasters, Sandlot Goods is creating some top quality leather designs. Learn more at https://sandlotgoods.com/

Montana – Dozen Dirty Paws Designs

Dozen Dirty Paws

I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention something for man’s best friend. Having a loyal dog by your side is just the American way. Made in America and making a killing on Etsy, Dozen Dirty Paws Designs creates custom collars for your dog. Learn more at https://www.etsy.com/shop/DozenDirtyPaws

Nebraska – Oliver Ridge Company

Oliver Ridge Company

Maybe you have a beard or maybe you love someone with a beard. Either way, products from Oliver Ridge Company are going to keep those hairs in check. Even the outdoor rugged look is tamed into a suave gentleman using this stuff. Learn more at https://www.oliverridgecompany.com/

Nevada – Gizmo Socks


When it comes to socks, you usually have to sacrifice practicality for personality. The “good” socks aren’t fun and the “fun” socks aren’t good. Gizmo is changing that, especially for athletes. You may not be able to see them in the photo, but I’m convinced it’s the socks that have let this woman balance in such fantastical ways. Learn more at https://www.gizmosocks.com/

New Hampshire – Bailey Works

Bailey Bag

Their motto is, “Simple. Functional. Durable.” and they succeed through product design and quality. Made in America by hand, you can have the bag shipped to you, or go by their shop in Newmarket, New Hampshire to see the creation process yourself. Learn more at http://baileyworks.com/

New Jersey – Boylan Bottling

Boylan Bottling

Boylan Bottling is putting a different kind of six pack under the tree—sodas! But, not just any kind of soda. Boylan Bottling is committed to handcrafting classics like Creme Soda, Root Beer, and Cane Cola. Learn more at https://www.boylanbottling.com/

New Mexico – Santa Fe Stoneworks

Santa Fe Stoneworks

Santa Fe Stoneworks is creating some of the most beautiful knives I’ve ever seen. They even have a “Patriotic Collection,” so if you’re looking for a handcrafted knife that’s made in America that screams America through its red, white, and blue design, this one’s for you. Learn more at https://santafestoneworks.com/

New York – Grado


Ever heard of Beats Headphones? Well, these guys were doing it first. In fact, before branching into headphones, Grado began by manufacturing cartridges for record players. Talk about a classic. Learn more at http://www.gradolabs.com/

North Carolina – Misty Mountain Threadworks

Misty Mountain Threadworks

If you’ve ever gone rock climbing, chances are the harness you had to wear was not comfortable. But, it kept you from dying a terrifying death, so you went with it. Misty Mountain Threadworks is creating customized harnesses to fit your body and your needs, so you have comfort and safety all in one. Learn more at https://mistymountain.com/

Interested in finding the best harness for your adventures? Check out Jen Reviews’ of harnesses for a deep dive into the world of climbing. (They even mention one harness made by Misty Mountain!) Learn more here: https://www.jenreviews.com/best-climbing-harness/

North Dakota – Dakota Outerwear Co

Dakota Outerwear

Speaking of creating customized goods to fit your needs, Dakota Outerwear Company prides itself on its ability to create clothes for anyone. They create all sorts of gear from general outdoor gear to keep you warm to fire-rated gear to make sure you don’t get too warm. Learn more at https://dakotaouterwear.com/

Ohio – Airstream


American road trips wouldn’t be the same without an Airstream. Don’t worry, even though Airstream has kept up with its iconic outer appearance, the interior design has kept up with the times. These travel trailers put tent-camping to shame. Learn more at https://www.airstream.com/

Oklahoma – Prairie Wolf Spirits

Prairie Wolf Spirits

Makers of vodka, gin, and whiskey Prairie Wolf Spirits is a family-owned and operated distillery. What sets Prairie Wolf Spirits apart? Five words. Dark, all natural, coffee liqueur. Put that in your mug and drink it. Learn more at http://www.prairiewolfspirits.com/ 

Oregon – Trixie and Milo

Trixie and Milo

How about something to carry your alcohol in—like a flask or a mug? Trixie and Milo design cute, clever, and just plain hilarious products ranging from barware to tools. And, everything is designed in an American-retro style for your nostalgic needs. Learn more at https://trixieandmilo.com/

Pennsylvania – Zippo Manufacturing Co


Whether you want to light a fire on top of a windy mountain or a candle in your bathroom, Zippos the lighter you need. You can even have the lighter customized! Learn more at https://www.zippo.com/

Rhode Island – JJ Weston

For the dapper gentleman inside every American man, there’s JJ Weston & Company’s made in America cufflinks. Have a particular design in mind? JJ Weston can create it (and they offer free shipping on all US orders!). Learn more at https://www.jjweston.com/

South Carolina – Lever Gear

Lever Gear

So, we’re a little biased on this one, but we’re new to SC so we’ve given ourselves a little shoutout. We create the Toolcard Pro that carries 40 tools on a credit card sized surface. Keep your eyes out though, we just might be manufacturing more products in 2018. Learn more at https://levergear.com

South Dakota – K Bar J Leather Company

K Bar J Leather Co

K Bar J Leather Company can make all your wild, wild west dreams come true. These guys create leather goods from knife sheaths and gun holsters to riding chaps and bible covers. Learn more at http://www.kbarjleather.com/

Tennessee – Prohibition Popcorn

Prohibition Popcorn

It may or may not be true that I put some alcohol in my brownie recipe, so I was very intrigued when I heard about Prohibition Popcorn. With a little whiskey in the recipe, popcorn is bound to be even tastier. Learn more at https://prohibitionpopcorn.com/

Texas – Red Rock Outdoor Gear

Red Rock Outdoor Gear

Have you ever seen a man dressed in a ghillie suit skiing down a mountain? I have, and it’s a hilarious, magical moment that doesn’t make much sense when is comes to actual camouflage. Red Rock creates made in America tactical gear that will have you ready for a range of situations from casual camping to apocalypse surviving. Learn more at http://redrockoutdoorgear.com/

Utah – Apple Beer

Apple Beer

Non-alcoholic, apple infused soda sweetened with pure cane sugar. Need I say more to entice your sweet tooth? You can get these bottles across the US in restaurants and grocery stores, or you can order directly from Apple Beer. Learn more at http://applebeer.com/

Vermont – Vermont Flannel 

Vermont Flannel

For anyone looking to stay warm and fashionable, Vermont Flannel is for you. From pajamas to button ups Vermont Flannel has a wide variety of clothing options for men, women, and the kids, so your dreams of your entire family wearing flannel pajamas for next year’s Christmas card can come true. Learn more at https://www.vermontflannel.com/

Virginia – Parker Bows

Parker Bows

We may be American, but every young archer at one point or another hopes to be able to shoot as seamlessly and rapidly as Legolas, and he’s a Sindarin Elf. It’s okay to dream sometimes, but it’s even better when dreams can come true. Whether you’re looking for fun or for sport, Parker Bows creates a premium product, so premium in fact that Legolas would be pleased. Learn more at http://www.parkerbows.com/

Washington – Freeman


When you’re looking for sturdy rain gear, why not trust people who live in one of the rainiest cities in America? Freeman sells all sorts of apparel from the top of your head to your toes. Give them a look for quality, made in America clothes. Learn more at https://www.freemanseattle.com/

West Virginia – Marble King

Marble King

The idea of a group of kids playing marbles in the sand stands out to me as an iconic American pass time. Is that accurate? Who knows! But, Marble King in West Virginia has been creating marbles since the 1940s and they can even create custom marbles. Learn more at http://www.marblekingusa.com/

Wisconsin – Beer Cap Map

Beer Cap Map

It’s a stereotype: Americans like beer. And, presumably, Americans like America, so you can get this map of America where you can put on display all your beer caps you’ve collected. They have maps of individual states too! Learn more at https://www.beercapmaps.com/

Wyoming – Wyoming Saddle Co

Wyoming Saddle Co

Anyone who’s ridden a horse for long enough, or really anytime at all, knows that the fit for the horse and the fit for your heinie are very important. So, for all you cowboys and cowgirls out there, I give you Wyoming Saddle Company. They make customized saddles and other tack for all your equestrian needs. If you don’t have a horse, I highly recommend looking at their page to appreciate the sheer craftsmanship that goes into designing a custom saddle. Learn more at https://www.wyomingsaddlecompany.com/