Toolcard Pro

 Is the Toolcard Pro TSA compliant?

 The U.S. Transportation and Security Administration stipulates that tools carried on a plane must be less than 7” in length and prohibits knives. The full TSA guidelines can be found here. Other countries may have different rules so be sure that you understand the carry-on rules for the countries you will be flying from.

We have taken our Toolcards on flights without incident including domestic flights, and flights between the US, Canada, and Asia. Often the security agents will remove the item for closer inspection before letting it through.

 *Please note, as, with everything, the final decision rests with the TSA officer as to whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.

For that reason, we recommend the following actions to minimize the chance of an agent stealing (ahem, confiscating) your Toolcard:

  1. If possible, pack it in a checked bag.
  2. Remove the Toolcard from your wallet and place it in the bin. This shows you’re not trying to sneak anything past them.
  3. If the agent says it can’t go through, calmly explain to them that it’s a tool under 7 inches without a blade. If they still insist, politely ask to see a supervisor who can explain the rule it violates.

 How do I clean the Toolcard Pro?

We’ve found that dish soap, hot water and a cloth work great. You can also try rubbing alcohol for tough spots. Dry thoroughly after washing.

How many cards does the money clip hold?

It will hold up to 6 cards or fewer cards and a wad of cash.