Lever Gear Affiliate Program

Simple. Flexible. Fair.

15% Base Commission With Bonuses up to 30%*
60 Day Attribution Cookie**

* Deal and coupon sites subject to lower commissions.
** Deal and coupon sites subject to shorter cookie duration.

About the Program

Lever Gear’s mission is to equip people to get more done in their daily lives by creating premium quality, multifunctional tools for everyday carry. Our innovative EDC tools and accessories are best-in-class in terms of functionality, portability and quality.

Lever Gear has partnered with Avantlink, the premier affiliate platform for outdoor gear and EDC brands, to manage our affiliate and influencer program. Avantlink provides robust tracking, attribution and reporting as well as a place to find our latest promotions, banner ads and brand assets.

As a bonus, once you join the Avantlink ecosystem, there are 1000+ top brands to partner with and track everything through the platform.

If you have questions, please email affiliate@levergear.com

How it works

  1. Apply to become a Lever Gear affiliate through AvantLink.
  2. Once approved, you will have access to custom tracking links, coupons, promotions and marketing assets.
  3. Send customers to LeverGear.com using your links and you will be paid automatically for completed sales via AvantLink.
  4. Use the AvantLink platform to track your sales, create custom links to different landing pages, and manage your account.


Program Highlights

  • 15% standard commission on all sales.
  • 60 Day tracking cookie.
  • 3% commission for coupon and deal sites with 15 day cookie.
  • 20% commission tier for months with $2000+ in sales.
  • 30% commission for premium content creation. (See below for details.)
  • Affiliate Tools offered by Avantlink cover everything from Banner Ads to Datafeeds and more!
  • Custom 10% coupon plus periodic promotions to reward your audience and boost conversions.


Our commission based affiliate program aligns the influencer and brand incentives and creates a better experience for everyone. By tying your payout to the sales you generate instead of an up front fee, everyone benefits.

Your Audience

Your audience wants to find cool, new products and great gift ideas. They trust you and value your opinion, so when they see something you’re promoting, it takes the guesswork out of finding quality products. Plus, your unique coupon code gives your fans a deal on some great products.

Influencer (You)

You’ve worked hard to build an audience by creating great content, and you deserve to be rewarded. When your audience resonates with our products, your upside isn’t capped. You deserve to get paid for all the customers you bring us and we pay some of the highest commissions around.

Lever Gear

We make awesome products (if we do say so ourselves) but we’re a small business and we can’t afford to waste time and money trying to evaluate (guess) an influencer’s true value or pay for lame promotions that don’t work. That’s why we’re happy to pay a generous commission for the customers you introduce us to.

Premium Content Bonus

For creators who do detailed product reviews, unboxing videos and personal testimonials, you can apply to get Free products and a 30% commission for 60 days from your original post. Premium content can include social media and youtube videos (ideally over 90s) or long form written product reviews (500+ words and images) where the product is featured exclusively (i.e. not part of a gift list).

To apply, simply submit a request through the platform for product samples and let us know what you plan to post. We’ll send the products of your choice. Let us know when your post is scheduled to go live and we will bump your commission to 30% for sixty days from that point. You agree to grant Lever Gear full rights to use your content for marketing purposes with attribution when feasible.


Setup is easy and then everything runs automatically. No rules to remember. No negotiation or complex fee structure. Just post and get paid.


Create content as you see fit. No deadlines, posting requirements, or unreasonable content restrictions. Post more for more sales, or take a break if you’re too busy.


Are you sick of negotiating with brands over content and compensation? No more guessing games. We pay you the highest commission + coupon we can offer.

Let’s Get Started!

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Email affiliate@levergear.com if you have any questions.