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The Edge XT Utility Knife Multitool

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The Edge XT is a compact yet powerful multitool that features a retractable #11 utility blade and 9 useful tools for daily life. With the perfect blend of style and versatility, the Edge will be your go-to tool for everyday carry.

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Tools When You Need Them

Scavenging for tools every time you want to open a package or turn a screw is a pain. With 10 useful tools including a utility blade, screwdrivers, box and bottle openers, you’ll save time and knock out your to-do list. Watch the above video to see the Edge XT in action.

Quick & Safe

Locking thumb slider allows one-handed use. Safety lock prevents accidents.

Stay Sharp

Change blades in seconds. The Edge accepts most standard #11 craft blades.

Tools That Work

With an ergonomic grip and 10 tools, you’ll be ready for anything.


  1. #11 craft blade
  2. Quick box opener
  3. Phillips screwdriver
  4. Bottle opener
  5. Wire stripper
  6. Flathead screwdriver
  7. Prybar
  8. Metric ruler
  9. Inch ruler
  10. Hex bit holder


  1. #Locking blade slider
  2. Safety lock
  3. Lanyard/keyring loop
  4. Quick blade release


Size: 3.31” x .71” x .25” (84 x 18 x 6mm)
Weight: 1 ounce (30g)
Cover: Anodized Al
Main Tool: 420HC SS

Get Stuff Done And Do It In Style

It’s time to step up and take charge of daily tasks. With the Edge, you’re prepared to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

Perfect Size For Everyday Carry

With its slim profile, the Edge XT nests perfectly on your keychain or slips into your pocket or bag. The included belt clip keeps the Edge right where you need it.

Quick And Safe Utility Blade

The locking thumb slider allows one-handed operation to quickly deploy and retract the blade while keeping your hand out of harm’s way.

The Experts Love It!

We showed the Edge XT to a select group of EDC aficionados. Here’s what they had to say:

I like the fact that it’s a small, compact multitool with multiple uses. It’s a one stop tool that you could carry alone and have everything you need. Very minimal.
Youtube: @TBEDC Instagram: @rico518413


True Budget EDC & Prepping

This, like all of Levergear’s tools, is incredibly capable and well built, perfect for my EDC

Instagram @nobaddaysedc


No Bad Days EDC

This is a great little tool to go with the rest of the LEVER GEAR line. I can see from the design it is small enough to carry with you everyday.

Youtube: @thebeardedsharpener


The Bearded Sharpener

The loadout is exactly what I’m looking for in an EDC. Like Lever Gear’s other offerings, the tools just make sense, the form lends itself to practicality and natural use, and the design is sleek!

Youtube: @ConansEasyDadCarry Instagram: @ConansEDC


Conan's EDC- Easy Dad Carry

Very excited to promote this product and can’t wait to get one myself! Going to be an excellent piece of kit!

Youtube @EDCQ Instagram @edcquestionmark



If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Edge XT simply return it for a full refund within 60 days.

If your Edge XT breaks we’ll replace it free of charge.

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Buy 2 or more & get one half price!

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The beauty of the tool is like the adage about the best camera — the one that is always there. I always have it in my right pants pocket, no matter where or when (except of course on a plane). If it’s always there it comes to hand quickly — to tighten a screw, to cut open those heavy plastic mailers, to wedge open something, on and on. I use it far more than I thought I would and don’t like being without it. You can retrieve it and use it with one hand. The quality is outstanding— I have abused it by (blush) digging out some hardened old caulk in the bathroom. It is really tough. The small blade is stronger than you would think.. Very sharp so you have to be careful, but if it’s always in your pocket you handle it and fool with it so you get used to which way the blade comes out/. The blade has a lock to prevent accidental opening, but (don’t tell anyone) I leave it unlocked so I can reliably get it deployed quickly with one hand. So this is a really good pocket tool. Disadvantages? You can’t clean or cut your fingernails.

United States United States

absolutely top notch warranty service!

Was one of the first in on the crowdfunded campaign and received a production unit on schedule. Used it daily for a few months and then had a small crack in the blade pusher plastic prevent it from opening. Reached out to support and was promptly sent a new unit- couldn't be happier with support behind this very cool and useful product!

United States United States


Bet a lot of these get confiscated by TSA!

United States United States

Great Idea, Unsafe Execution

I'm correcting my December 24th, 2023 review. I purchased my first Edge XT on Amazon, but it came with a broken blade lock. Lever Gear personally checked the replacement they sent, which was awesomeof them. Within a few weeks, the blade lock broke. The blade would slide out somewhat on it's own, and it is SHARP. It is X-Acto brand. By "broke," I mean the blade lock switch will move from side to side when bumped. The first would unlock by gravity when tilted. From recieving my replacement, I know the lock can be stiff. Also, from seeing my wife's Edge XT, I surmise that it breaks with use. Mine probably broke because I used it and kept it in my pocket where it would be bumped. Today I use a twist tie to stop the blade from coming out, but the blade is removable if you want to be safer. Also, my slider stiffened up after opening and cleaning it, so that helps. I exchanged messages with Lever Gear. But I can see they're still selling these and will go witth their policy of sending replacements for broken Edge XTs. I've recieved no warning, and no remediation outside of the messages. The Lever Gear brand is great and useful on average. This specific item is great on paper, but falls short of being safe in execution. It's a new frontier for Lever Gear, but needs better R&D.

United States United States

Small but mighty!

I carry the Edge XT in my front pocket with the included lanyard. It's easy to grab but small enough that I don't notice it. I'm notorious for forgetting my nice EDC knife when I go through TSA at the airport. I'm excited that I can cary a useful blade and dispose of just the blade and keep my useful EDC tool. Custom laser monogram is a nice touch! Makes a great gift as well.