Why we do what we do.

We design gear for people who tackle life head on and do it with style. You demand the best from your tools and the objects you carry, and so do we. There’s plenty of stuff in the world; frankly, too much. We believe in having less stuff, designed with more care.

Our mission is to restore the art of craftsmanship to manufactured goods—to design great looking products that solve real problems, work flawlessly, and stand the test of time.

The Beginning – Told by Lever Gear founder, Mike Scully

Before starting Lever Gear, I spent 15 years as a product design consultant in San Francisco. I always had a love of designing and building things (coupled with a seething hatred of poorly designed crap), so consulting was a natural fit. I had a chance to work with and learn from some of the most talented design and engineering teams in the world. In that time I worked on some really cool products ranging from consumer electronics to solar PV systems and kayaks.

While the projects were fulfilling, I always had a desire to start my own company and develop my own products. I wanted a company where decisions were driven by design, where the products had meaning, and employees were empowered to do their best work in an environment they loved. After a few false starts, I finally settled on the product that would launch Lever Gear as an everyday carry store.

The idea for the Toolcard Pro came out of a simple question, “What product can I design that’s the size and shape of a credit card?” From that brainstorm, the Toolcard stood out as a product that solved a problem I had in my own life—how to have my tools handy without carrying extra stuff in my pockets. There were a few card tools on the market but they seemed cheap or poorly thought out. I felt I could add value through design and engineering. After a year of development, the Toolcard Pro launched on Kickstarter in March of 2016.

That’s when things got real for our everyday carry store. A Kickstarter campaign is a thrilling and terrifying adventure. It’s when your idea transforms from a dream into a reality with customers and obligations and expenses. Our garage filled with inventory, and our nights filled with packaging Toolcards in front of the TV and late night sessions with the laser etcher. Our crowdfunding backers launched this company and the relationships we have with our customers is what continues to drive us each day.