Plain and simple. Lever Gear has the best damn everyday carry (EDC) gear.

Oh. You want us to prove it? Easy.

In December, Taylor Martin of Best Damn EDC visited Lever Gear HQ. He sampled our collection of created and curated gear and got an exclusive on our newest product—The BitVault. What did we get in return? We got the Best Damn EDC gear seal of approval. Check it out:

Intrigued? Let Us Tell You More…

The Purpose… The BitVault was created to give you a more convenient way to carry the small stuff. Whether you’re toting emergency cash, breath mints, or a little something to help take the edge off, the BitVault provides a reliable and secure way to keep the small things readily available.

The Function… We’d be amiss in the EDC world if convenient carry was all the BitVault did. That’s why we outfitted it with dual hex bit holders, giving you two functional screwdrivers. Each BitVault comes standard with two bits—one phillips and one flathead. Need some more specialized bits? Check out our Standard, Metric, and Cycling BitKit options.

The Design… It took our product designer a little over a year to perfect this design. Why take so long to develop such a small product? Because when we do something, we do it right the first time. The BitVault sports a streamlined, flat-lay design for easy nesting with your keys; a water-tight seal with a secure latch cap; an aluminum alloy body providing extreme durability without weighing you down; a removable belt clip for diverse carrying options; and—as with any of our products—a lifetime guarantee.

Learn a little more from the product designer (and Lever Gear CEO) himself: