Wedding season is upon us! It’s a wonderful time of celebration. For the most part, everyone is celebrating YOU—the bride and the groom. But, there’s a special tradition of the bride and groom gifting their wedding party with cool knickknacks of memorabilia as a token of gratitude.

Cufflinks and tie clips are traditional gift options for your wedding party—but let’s get real. These aren’t gifts people will get much use from after the party shuts down. That’s where we come in. We’ve compiled a list of gifts for your groomsmen that range from inexpensive and innovative to extravagant and eccentric. Take a look at these cool groomsmen gift ideas, and be inspired!

Gifts Under $25

Hopsulator – $24.99

This is the perfect gift if your guys like beer, and they like their beer cold. What’s great about the Hopsulator though is its versatility. Not only does this keep your canned beer cold, but it can also be used as a canister that will keep any liquid at the perfect temperature.

Uncorked – $19.99 – $22.99

Uncorked is crafted by BrüMate—the same people who brought you the Hopsulator. It’s marked as a stemless wine glass and can hold up to half a bottle of wine. While that fact alone is a fabulous selling point, Uncorked isn’t just for wine. It’s insulated and made of stainless steel, so this glass is perfect for holding things that are piping hot or freezing cold. Pairing Uncorked with each guy’s favorite wine or pint (or pint of ice cream…) makes for a delicious gift!

Sunglasses – $16.95 – $24.00

We really love the packaging on this gift. For less than $25, you can get your guys a pair of sunglasses in a custom engraved wooden box. Sunglasses are a great choice too because they will be used for days, months, years after your big day. If you’re braving the outdoor wedding, there are few gifts more practical than sunglasses for your guys (unless it’s raining, in which case we’d recommend umbrellas, but we won’t wish that on you!).

Gifts Under $50

Toolcard Pro – $25.95 – $39.95

A multitool is a great gift for your groomsmen because no matter their interests, there’s something each guy will find valuable. This particular multitool is unique because it has a money clip attachment. So if you’re bouncing between the idea off getting a multitool or a money clip, you can have the best of both worlds! Did we mention these can be customized too?

Personalized, Engraved Wooden Watch $41.50 – $44.50

You really have to know each guy’s style to pull this off, but gifting a watch is a pretty great option! The added benefit of being able to personalize the watch is an even bigger plus. Not only are you able to give your groomsmen something that clearly shows you put time and effort into the gift, but you’re also to add an extra touch of personalization whether its a note of appreciation or their initials.

BitVault – $49.95

Contrary to the watch, where you need to have a sense of your guys’ styles, the wonderful feature of the BitVault is that it’s completely customizable to each guy’s style. There’s no need to know their personal style preferences as intimately because The BitVault is designed to be a carrying case for small things. This means you can use The BitVault as a standalone gift, or you can add a small touch of personalization by putting something unique to each guy inside.

Gifts Under $100

Flask – $72.50

If your groomsmen love the outdoors and a good drink at the end of the day, Flask is a great gift to consider. This gadget is a flashlight that offers a compact, easy-to-carry way to transport all your drinking essentials. I can carry up to ten fluid ounces and comes with two collapsible shot glasses, a bottle opener, and compass.

Supplies – $99.50

Feeling a little more adventurous? Give Supplies by VSSL a try! Inside this vessel, you’ll find all your camping and survival essentials. If you want to take a creative approach to this gift, you could even make some wedding-specific inserts to help your guys “survive” the big day!

Leather Toiletry Bag – $90

The Leather Toiletry Bag is a classic gift that is sure to be used for years to come, especially if your groomsmen travel frequently. If your budget allows, you could even put a shaving set inside each bag or some beard balm for your harrier friends.

Creative Alternatives

The Mini Bar – Varies

Buying every single person in your wedding party a nice bottle of alcohol can get pretty pricey pretty quickly. But this alternative puts an affordable and creative spin on the classic gift. Mini bottles can be purchased at a range of price points from $0.99 to $5 per 50mL bottle. You could pick and choose a collection of each guy’s favorite, or you could put together a signature wedding mix. The great thing about this gift is that it can be as simple or complex as you want. It’s all a matter of how much effort you want to put in!

Experience – Varies

Ever heard of a site called Groupon? It’s a great resource for affordable experiences and activities, and you can search for things locally, nationally or internationally depending on your budget. From wine tastings to white water rafting and everything in between, gifting a Groupon is a great way to say thank you and show your appreciation—especially if all your groomsmen are able to get in on the action for a group outing! Can you say bachelor party part two?

Make Your Own Mantry – Varies

Mantry is a gourmet foods subscription box. You can buy each of your guys one box at $75 a pop. But, if gourmet food isn’t your thing or $75 is a little too pricey, try making your own! Even though this gift won’t last very long—it’s sure to get gobbled up quickly—putting together a goody basket for each of your groomsmen is a very affordable and thoughtful gift. You can even personalize it to each guy’s taste, and if you’re brave you can take on the kitchen yourself and make a baked good.