Are you a small business owner or do you manage a team? Check out the video above for some tips on how you can show appreciation to your employees during these crazy times. 

Right now, with this Coronvirus going on, it’s important to acknowledge your employees and let them know how important they are to you and your business. They’re coming in everyday and working hard to keep the business going and they’re taking a risk to be there. 

Or, maybe the shutdowns have impacted your business and your employees are scared they might lose their jobs or they’re uncertain about the future. In some cases they might even get paid more if they got laid off but instead, they’re stepping up to help the company and help their coworkers. 

As a business owner or manager, your number one job is to keep your team focused and inspired. You need to communicate with them on a personal level to see how they’re doing and understand their unique situation. And you need to show them you care about them, and you’re doing everything you can to get through this as a team. 

One way to show that is with a personal gift that just lets them know they’re valued. It doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate as long as it’s personal and has some meaning and it comes from you with no strings attached. A simple gift can have a huge impact on their morale for the cost of maybe an hour or two of their wages. 

Consider these two scenarios:

Scenario A: (You gather your team) Hey everyone. You’ve all been working really hard through a challenging situation so this month the company is depositing an extra two hours of wages into your bank account.  

Kinda falls flat right? You’ll probably piss them off more than get them excited.

Scenario B: (You pull your employee aside) Hi John, I know things are crazy right now and you’ve been coming in everyday doing a great job for us. I want you to know I appreciate it, so I got you and the rest of the team a small gift. It’s not much but I just wanted to let you know you’re an important part of this company.

Now that feels great, even though it’s a small gesture, it can have a big impact. 

So if that resonates with you, here are a few things to consider when giving employee gifts. 

First, you probably don’t want your corporate logo on it. The gift should be about them, not the company. You could inscribe their name on it or a message that has some meaning for them or just give it as a simple gift of the product. 

Second, even if it’s a simple gift, you can make it special with a sincere, handwritten note. The fact that you’ve thought about them and taken the time to get them a gift and write a note is probably more important than the gift itself.

Third, if you already give employee gifts for Christmas or work anniversaries, that’s great. But those aren’t actually the best times to give a gift if you want to make an employee feel special. Think about it, a yearly holiday gift becomes expected and almost feels like standard practice. On the other hand, a surprise gift with a personal touch for no apparent reason shows you really appreciate them.

And finally, don’t buy crap. Whatever the price point, get something that’s quality. They’re probably gonna google it to see what you got them and to learn about the product. If they feel like you are skimping, your gift could have the opposite effect of what you’re going for. 


With that in mind, Lever Gear has some great products for corporate gifts for all types of employees.

One employee gift idea is our Toolcard ProIt’s a beautifully crafted, credit card-sized multitool that anyone can just slip in their wallet or purse and have 40 tools with them to knock out small projects; which is perfect while they’re spending more time at home. We can even laser etch their name or a short message on the Toolcard if you want to make it more personal. 

These are great for engineering teams, construction, manufacturing, maintenance, or really anyone that likes cool tools. They’re probably a bit more geared towards men but we find women really like to have some handy tools as well. My wife carries two in her purse to hold cards and uses them all the time. 

Another option is our newest product, the CableKitIt’s a portable charging cable for their phone that can fit right on their keychain or slip in a bag. 

Everyone needs these! Just ask your employees what type of phone they have and surprise them with a little gift. The great thing is they’ll carry these everywhere and be reminded of your gift every time they charge their phone on the go. 

Lever Gear products are best in their categories in terms of quality and usefulness so you can be confident you’re giving a nice gift they’ll actually use. 

Since you’re getting them directly from us, we’ve got special bulk pricing for corporate gifts so you’re getting a great price as well. And for the next few months during the crisis, we’ll offer an extra 5% off our bulk pricing if you mention this video.

So, if you are ready to pick up some cool little gifts for your team or if you want to learn more about our products, shoot us an email at support@levergear.comOr check out our corporate gifts page to learn more. We’ll make it super easy for you to find some great, meaningful gifts for your team. 

Whether you buy gifts from us or find something else that’s a better fit, I hope you found these ideas and tips helpful. We wish you and your team the best as we all try to get past this crisis. Thanks for your time. Take care.