Lever Gear’s products are mainly in the EDC category, but their functionality and portability means there’s some definite crossover into the outdoor equipment space. We were happy to be listed by our friends at ReddiYeti in their latest list of outdoor brands you should know.  Take a gander at the cool brands listed below where you might discover your next favorite product. The article below was originally posted on the ReddiYeti blog and reposted for your convenience here.

You always want to be in tune with the latest styles, innovations and technological advancements in outdoor wear. You need inspirational wear and products to push forward to help you achieve your ultimate performance. These are a handful of brands that we think are offering pretty unique products in 2020. Here are the 9 New Outdoor Brands You Should Know this year.



This brand was inspired out of a genuine need for practicality. It features Smartphone shorts and pants. The SPS line is designed to securely hold your smartphone in place as you work out. TRUE REVO’s lightweight fabrics are insured to be ‘anti-bacterial’ and ‘anti-stink‘.


Static Climbing

Static Climbing guarantees lifetime quality and handcrafted ‘Chalk Bags’. As any climber knows, chalk bags are an essential piece of gear, but who says they can’t be stylish too? Check out their ‘Waxed Canvas Collection’ that feature unique designs and colors so that you can tote your personal items in a stylish and durable canvas bag.

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Lever Gear

If you are searching for the perfect tool for a specific job, Lever Gear can help you out. Lever Gear’s mission is to create tools that are multifunctional that lasts a lifetime. Their Toolcard, Toolcard Pro and other EDC tools make it easy to have all of the resources you need in a compact, easy to carry piece of equipment. Some of their products are even small enough to carry in your wallet or purse!


Glison Snow

Glison Snow is all things related to snowboarding and Skiing. They sculpt their one-of-a kind snowboards and skis at their namesake farm in Pennsylvania. Glison Snow takes pride in their quality woodwork and they incorporate the latest modern technology. They also carry a line of clothing and accessories for men, women and children. American made using experienced craftsmen that truly take pride in their work, and it shows! Glison snow skis and boards are superior quality that should definitely be on your list for new outdoor brands you should know.


OMBRAZ Sunglasses

OMBRAZ Sunglasses feature armless sides. No more worries about breaking off the side arms of your sunglasses rendering them useless. If you love speeding down the snow mountain as fast as humanly possible, you still won’t have to worry losing your glasses. OMBRAZ Sunglasses have a built-in, adjustable cord that keeps them in place with a recycled poly cord and the optics themselves are carbon-negative.


Boulder Denim

Boulder Denim promises jeans that provide extreme flexibility, stain resistance and a lifetime warranty. When participating in outdoor activities, regular jeans can be too restrictive or take too long to dry out when wet. Their stretch jeans are the perfect choice for day hikes, camping or extended backpacking trips. Boulder Denims are for both men and women, and they also carry puffy winter jackets, unisex hoodies. They take pride in the fact that all their clothing items is ethically made.


Flying Squirrel Outfitters

Flying Squirrel Outfitters or FSO specializes in handcrafted hammocks and sling bags. What’s better than having a hammock to relax and enjoy the sounds of nature at your base camp? FSO products are not massed produced but are designed and produced in the homes of villagers based in the Northern Hills of Thailand. 


Shred Optics

Shred Optic has made locating custom googles, helmets, back protectors and sunglasses convenient. Shred Optics ski equipment incorporates durability and functionality along with stylish designs. An while that’s great, the most important thing is their optics are spectacular for superior visibility in low light conditions too.

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Nutra Climb

Mountain climbers are not only in need of top notch climbing gear, they need a diet that can provide them an energy boost to spur them forward on their vigorous climb. Nutra Climb provides a selection of high quality supplements that promote increased performance. No unknown ingredients are used. Nutra Climb’s reasonably priced energy producing products are lab certified and tested.

Out of the 9 New Outdoor Brands You Should Know listed above, more than a few brands should have caught your eye for some new gear acquisitions. Each brand listed has their own niche in the outdoor sportswear and sports gear area. Each of these brands promise quality, durability and unique designs which are everything an adventure outdoorsmen desires. In addition, many of them are ethically produced, follow sustainable practices and offer features and functionalities not found elsewhere from mass produced products. Consider buying some of them for your next outdoor adventure today!