Valentine’s Day is only ONE week away, and you don’t have a gift. Whatever you do, don’t panic and buy the giant stuffed bear and a box of chocolates. The chocolate will be gone by the 15th and the bear will be in a dumpster by March. Instead, take a look at our Gift List for gear that ranges from knives to notebooks and everything in between. He’ll treasure these gifts for years…

1. Field Notes

Whether he’s logging his hikes, keeping a record of all the adorable things you say, or making notations for the world’s next greatest invention—you can’t go wrong with Field Notes.

2. Wally Junior

If your man needs some help staying organized, look no further than the Wally Junior. This adhesive micro-wallet will keep all his essentials orderly and close at hand. Red not his color? Don’t worry. There are plenty of options!

3. Flythrough

Ladies, you know he’s expecting you to wear that LBD this Valentine’s Day. But what he’s not expecting is this sexy, little black knife. Surprise your guy with one of Kershaw’s finest knives the Flythrough.

4. Flask

Show your man you’re up for a good time—anytime, anywhere—with this customizable flask. Pair it with a bottle (or two) of his favorite drink for an *extra* special celebration.

5. Gunmetal Belt

A belt. Not a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but definitely something your man will use daily. This belt sports a minimalist design that will reliably keep his pants ON…and—if you were curious—it’s pretty easy to take OFF too.

6. KeySmart Red

Are those keys in his pocket, or is he just happy to see you? You’ll never have to ask yourself that question again with KeySmart, a key organizer that conveniently and compactly holds up to 14 keys. Available in black, blue, and titanium finishes.

7. Orbitkey Ring

While we’re talking about key organization, make sure you show your man you’re not afraid to put a ring on it with the Orbitkey Ring. Trust us, your man’s stubby fingernails and your new manicure with thank us.

8. Toolcard Pro

So, your guy is difficult to shop for because he’s into everything. Great news. The Toolcard Pro will do the trick because—with 40 tools on a single, credit card sized surface—this multitool has a little something for everyone.

9. Straight Razor

Whether you like your man hairy like the passionate grizzly bear he is or you prefer him clean shaven with his smooth, suave sex appeal—your man will appreciate this Straight Razor for the timeless and well crafted gift that it is.

10. The Muncher

Can’t decide if you like forking or spooning with your guy best? How about we compromise with a spork? The Muncher is the multitool dream of outdoor foodies, and your adventuresome man is sure to love it!