Orbitkey Ring by Orbitkey


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Orbitkey’s answer to the traditional keyring. Lightweight, convenient to carry, and easy to use. This minimalist keyring is made of stainless steel with a flexible polymer core.

See product description below for further details. Lever Gear also offers the Orbitkey Leather Key Organizer. Have questions? Please email support@levergear.com.

The Orbitkey Ring solves a nagging problem. I'm perpetually inheriting new items for my keyring, but the Orbit Keyring makes moving new items on and old items off my key ring quick, easy and actually fun. This is an inexpensive and attractive addition to my everyday carry. I love it. 

Jen, Lever Gear Digital Content Manager


Traditional key rings are difficult to use and an absolute nightmare for any fingernail tasked with prying the tiny metal apart just to get a key on or off. Orbitkey designed a solution. The Orbitkey Ring offers strength, reliability, and ease of use to its users. Designed with a stainless steel enclosure and flexible polymer core, the Orbitkey Ring is the simple solution to the traditional keyring.



Dimensions: Diameter: 30mm, Thickness: 3.5mm, Opening: 3.6mm

All Orbitkey products are backed by a two year manufacturing warranty.