Looking for gifts this holiday season that won’t be old news by the time January 1st rolls around? Check out these everyday carry gifts and get your EDC-er something he or she will actually use for years to come!


Whether they’re used to clean your bum, dress a wound, start a fire, or wash your face after a long day, these tablets are a convenient addition to any prepper’s gear. Even better? They’re incredibly affordable and versatile!

When SHTF, a tactical pen is a must have. Bellfyd’s tactical pen offers multiple tools in a sleek, compact design at an unbelievably affordable price. Seriously, in this one gadget you get a glass breaker, LED flashlight, bottle opener, and wrench—not to mention that it also functions as a ball point pen. If your prepper is in the market for a tactical pen, don’t miss out on this gear essential!

Will silverware be necessary when the world goes to hell in a hand basket? Probably not, but sometimes having the finer things in life can bring joy  to the most despairing situations. The best thing about this multitool is its versatility. You’re not only purchasing a gadget to help your prepper enjoy their meal with class—with the fire starter, pry-bar, box cutter, and flathead screwdriver among other useful functions—you’re helping your prepper survive.

This piece of gear is one of the coolest we’ve seen in a long time. If your prepper is preparing to survive off-grid (or you’re a worrisome mom that finds your child’s adventurous spirit both inspiring and terrifying), the Sonnet is an incredible innovation you’ll want to consider gifting! This gadget uses long range radio frequencies and low power to keep people connected through their smart devices. It also has maps that are available offline and an SOS function that, when activated, will communicate your GPS coordinates and distress signal to all other users that are in-range.


There’s no time or space for bulky keys when you’re trying to put miles on the road. Hiding a key in the wheel well isn’t the most secure option either. Lend your cyclist a hand with the gift of organization and convenient carry with this key organizer.

Does your cyclist love the environment and beer too? If so, we have the best gear gift imaginable—an upcycled, insulated six pack carrier that mounts easily over a bike’s top tube for easy beverage transportation. Enough said? Great.

Cycling is great. Getting lost is not. Beeline is a piece of gear that will literally point you in the right direction (and tell you how much farther you have to go!). It connects with your phone to put easy to see directions right on your handlebar. Did we mention this gadget won a Product Design Award from Design Week?

Seeing and being seen—it’s one of the more important elements of cycling. ICON is a light that reacts automatically when you cycle into riskier situations like junctions or high-traffic intersections by flashing brighter and at a higher frequency. It can also make you be seen more than a mile away and gives you a 270º spread of side visibility. If safety is a top priority for you and your cyclist, this is a great gift to consider!


It’s like Hansel and Gretel, but WAY better. This company markets their gear to hunters, but these trail markers also make a great gift for adventurous hikers who have a habit of blazing their own trails.

Is this a gear essential? Maybe, maybe not. Is this an awesome piece of gear that puts a cherry (or should I say grape) on top of a long day’s hike? Absolutely! If your hiker is a wine lover, the PlatyPreserve Wine Flask is an affordable gift that can spice up the trail without weighing down a pack.

Safety comes first with this compact kit that stores first aid essentials into an easily transportable canister that won’t weigh your hiker down. This gadget design is so sleek your thrill seeker won’t even be upset that you’re fussing over their safety yet again.

Imagine this—at 7 and a half months pregnant I went on an 18 mile hike through the Rocky Mountain National Park with my husband. It was great! The next day we were set to do a much more reasonable 7 mile hike. Two miles into the trail, my shins were on fire and every step sent pain shooting up my legs—shin splints. Not fun. Thankfully, my cousin had a pair of trekking poles she loaned me, and with their assistance, I was able to complete the 7 mile hike, no issue. Whether your hiker is young, old, or in between, trekking poles are a gear essential that will keep your hiker doing what he or she loves most!


It’s been said the greatest gift you can give someone is a lifelong skill. So, send your fishing fanatic to an Orvis store near you for a free intro course to fly tying. You can even spice this gift up by buying some tying tools. You won’t hurt your wallet and your fishing fanatic may just turn into an artist of sorts!

Compact, convenient, and an everyday carry gear essential for the man or woman who can sniff out a watering hole from miles away. On the plus side, if you buy this gear for your fishing friend, you may just be investing in your own survival down the road. $27 for a fresh caught salmon dinner in any survival situation sounds like the deal of a lifetime to me!

While the fishing survival kit can get the job done, there’s nothing quite like having a collapsible rod and reel handy. Keep it in your rucksack or in your glove compartment. Having this gear on-hand is a pretty promising way ensure adventure at a moment’s notice (my Dad—who is an artist—has been known to cast a line while a wash dries), food in an emergency situation (when the world as we know it is coming to an end, nobody has time for a hangry attitude), and entertainment (fishing, especially when not being done under the duress of an emergency situation, is a great pastime)!

Whether your fishing enthusiast is cutting a line, gutting a fish, or just trying to be prepared, a knife is essential.  This knife won’t weigh down a tackle box, and the folding feature makes it safe to carry. The knife’s best feature, however, is its ambidextrous design that makes it easy to handle for lefties and righties.


Belts make an impression. (And, unfortunately, that impression is sometimes left on the wearer’s skin after a belt spends the day digging into your hips.) If you’re looking for a practical, well-designed gift that will be a daily part of your fashion guru’s wardrobe, look no further!

It’s like buying fashionable, quality gear for all your gear. Whether your fashion guru is a techy that wants to store a laptop or a yogi that needs to store some gym attire, this messenger bag is a versatile fashion piece that does not discriminate.

These gloves are a lot of things. They are handmade. In the USA. Of 100% buffalo hide. If you’re looking for a unique and useful gift that your fashion guru will cherish, these gloves are a promising prospect. Plus, they look pretty damn sexy if we don’t say so ourselves.

We all take fashion inspiration from the past. If your fashion guru’s style is an ode to 1870s westerns, inspired by a 1920s gangster Gatsby vibe, or a manifesto to the 1960s Mad Men era, the Phonester X Double is a great way to outfit their modern get up with tech and fashion savvy gear. With nine different wearing styles this fashion piece can really fit anyone’s carrying style.


Want to lend your handyman a hand, but you’re not the most handy person yourself? Get this book instead. If your handy guy or gal needs a quick guide to anything—this is it.

Well, this could be awkward…But, let’s be honest, we couldn’t just skip over one of the handiest multitools could we? We’re biased about how great the Toolcard Pro is, but with more than 25,000 Toolcard Pros sold across the globe we’re not alone in thinking this makes a great gift!

Like many, your handyman probably has his or her go-to tools. What your handyman may not have is a way to organize those tools. Give the gift of organization this holiday season with the Fatty Pocket Organizer. It will help keep all your handyman’s tools organized, on-hand, and easily accessible, which can be terribly helpful—especially in an emergency situation!

Whether your handyman is an avid outdoorsman, a precocious plumber, or just seems to come up with the most creative ideas while in the shower, Rite in the Rain has some really unique gear that will allow your handyman to write…in the rain, in the presence of a leaky pipe, in the shower. We chose to mention the Tactical Book Kit, but you should check out the website for yourself. They even have gear for specific careers and hobbies!


From my experience, most engineers could use a little help with organization. Is that a stereotype? Absolutely. Whether your engineer needs assistance in the organization or the fashion department, this leather key organizer will up their game big time.

Nothing speaks to an engineer more than a well-designed piece of gear and this automatic watch offers just that. There’s no need to bother with any watch batteries because the watch is powered by the movement of the wearer’s arm. Afraid your engineer won’t move enough to keep it going? The watch has a 40 hour power reserve. If the watch ever runs out of juice, just reset it to the proper time and get moving again.

Is it expensive? Yes. Does it look like a gift every engineer would be ecstatic to receive? Yes. Empower your engineer’s most creative side by putting 3D printing technology right at his or her fingertips. With the printer’s compact design you won’t even have to compromise too much space in your home either.

Is your engineer working on the next greatest invention that will change the world as we know it? Then he or she may appreciate receiving an encrypted thumb drive that can keep all the best ideas a secret…at least until the world is ready to receive such engineering genius.


If your survivalist’s plan is to bunker down, consider getting this handy piece of gear. This emergency water storage system has the ability to convert any bathtub into a 100 gallon water reserve. There’s nothing like paying $35 to give the gift of life-giving water in an emergency situation.

These gloves were designed with fishermen in mind. But we think they make a great gift for any survivalist! These gloves keep your hands warm and dry, but they’re also designed to allow wearers to retain a lot of their dexterity, so your survivalist won’t be inconvenienced by bulk on their hands or in their bag.

Food dehydrators are wonderful inventions. Whether your survivalist is stocking up on dried fruits, veggies, and meats for the upcoming apocalypse or your survivalist just really loves a good piece of jerky while hiking, the Nesco food dehydrator is a great tool to get your survivalist started. As a bonus this little machine also doubles as a peaceful, soft white noise machine.

You never know what you’re going to need in a given situation, and every survivalist knows it’s impractical to pack or stash away every piece of gear you might ever need. The solution? A flashlight/canister combo that packs the essentials into a single, convenient to carry and lightweight gadget. Supplies stores a compass, signaling mirror, emergency whistle, 6 water purification tablets, waterproof matches, first aid essentials, trail markers and (a lot) more into a 200 lumen aluminum flashlight. Talk about practical.


Whether your artist dabbles in sketches or wordsmithing, this memo book is a great, affordable gift that is sure to be well used.

Is your artist an absolute visionary…who maybe needs a little help narrowing their vision to just one landscape at a time? Then you’ll want to check out this handy piece of gear from Judsons that helps artists plan their paintings while en plein air.

Maybe your artist is less of a painter and more of a sketcher. Bker Plus makes a tactical pen that puts a self-defense weapon in your artist’s talented hands without compromising on the quality of the pen itself. It’s a win-win for everyone…everyone except the bad guys your artist will now be able to fend off!

Stereotypically artists aren’t always the most organized. To that, we say no more! With this sketchbook caddy, your artist will always be ready to create his or her next masterpiece when inspiration strikes. Plus, what’s more artsy than the esthetic of a piece of handmade, American leather gear? We rest our case.