VSSL Supplies is the practical flashlight that carries your survival gear. Water-resistant and made from military specification anodized aluminum. Compact, easy to carry, and bright.

The VSSL survival kit is great for those who like to be spontaneous and prepared. See product description below for further details about this piece of VSSL gear. We also offer the VSSL First Aid and VSSL Flask. Have questions? Please email

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This is the perfect addition to my bugout bag. I can carry it as my outdoor flashlight and be prepared for many of the situations that come from living in the wilderness. I wouldn't want to be without this product. If you like most of what SUPPLIES offers, but feel it's missing a thing or two, you can always customize the contents.

Aaron, Lever Gear Operations Specialist

 Triple mode 200 Lumens LED light/lantern (including SOS mode)

• Compass (oil filled)

• 6 hour pure Canadian beeswax candle

• Razor blade

• 6 Aquatabs® water purification tablets. Purify up to 3 gallons (each tab purifies up to 2 liters, depending on water quality)

• Wire saw (high tensile, 60lb working strength with handle straps)

• Aluminum beadless emergency whistle

• Waterproof matches

• Tinder Quik® fire starters

• Fishing Gear

• Signalling Mirror

• 25′ of marine grade rope (250lb breaking strength)

• Reflective trail markers

• P38 military GI Type can opener

• First aid supplies

• VSSL priorities of survival and instructions

All VSSL products have a limited one year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship in each product.