KeySmart Titanium by KeySmart


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Keysmart’s classic in a titanium finish. Makes carrying keys seamless and convenient. Store up to 14 keys with this piece of titanium edc gear. Made of Titanium with stainless steel hardware.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or a friend—this EDC gear key holder is great for those who love being organized and those who need to get organized. See product description below for further details about this titanium key holder. Have questions? Please email

I'm a fan of the Keysmart Pro for several reasons. The design is simple. The two axes allow you to pack a ton of keys in a small space. Plus, they also offer a variety of key-sized tools that allow you to customize your KeySmart organizer with the functionality you want.

Mike, Lever Gear CEO


Does your key chain make it look like you’re the Keeper of Keys for the world’s largest mansion? You might consider reducing your bulk and freeing up your pockets with the KeySmart by KeySmart. This knick-knack will keep your keys compactly organized so they’re easy and comfortable to carry. KeySmart is designed to house any flat key up to 80mm in length and can hold anywhere from 2 – 14 keys. Made from aircraft aluminum with stainless steel hardware, The KeySmart is tough enough to withstand whatever life throws at it. For most convenient carrying, The KeySmart includes a loop ring attachment that can be used to attach car keys, fobs, and other gear to your key carrying kit. Get yours today—your pockets will thank you!