We spend a lot of time on this blog talking about gear, survival, and knowledgable tidbits to help you through everyday life. But, we have to admit, we’ve neglected our big city brethren. So, city-dwellers, this one’s for you.

City dwelling presents unique challenges to everyday carry. The entire nature of a city is that it packs a lot of people into a little space.  The best types of urban EDC packs will reflect this same, minimalistic mentality. Here are a few pieces of urban everyday carry gear we personally recommend for the city dweller:

The Bag

The first thing you’ll need is something to carry your gear in. We personally really like the collaborative design Mystery Ranch—a backpack design company with major clout around hikers and members of the armed forces—and AETHER, a Los Angeles-based bag design company put out just last year. Say hello to the not-very-creatively-named AETHER x Mystery Ranch Backpack.

The Knife

Knives can come in handy in a variety of situations, but most of us aren’t looking to be Blade of Marvel Comics. So, a beautifully designed, highly functional, and compact knife will do the job. We recommend the Scallion by Kershaw.

The Notebook

Whether you’re looking to take notes at your next client meeting, make a sketch, or jot down a grocery list, having an easily totable notebook is essential. Field Notes Original is a can’t-go-wrong classic that’s compact enough to fit in your back pocket and durable enough to withstand the public transportation system.

The Pen

You can’t have a notebook handy and be caught without a writing utensil. But just having a Bic on hand won’t cut it. You’re much better off with a tactical pen that gives a little “umph” to your carry. Try the Bolt Action Pen by GPCA. It functions not only as a pen, but also features an emergency whistle, tungsten glass breaker, and measuring mechanism for inches and millimeters.

The Multitool

Like we said before, urban dwelling is all about minimalism, so a multitool is a must. We’re a little biased, but with an industry leading 40 tools packed into a gadget the size of a credit card, we’d say the Toolcard Pro is a pretty great option for your carry.

The Battery Pack

Every techie’s nightmare is a dead battery. Or possibly worse is having a charger with you without access to the electricity you need to charge your device. Avoid both situations entirely with a portable battery pack. Give the Mophie Powerstation 2x a try. It’s made of anodized aluminum and has an incredibly slim design for easy carrying.

The Wallet

We don’t need to remind you city dwelling is all about capitalizing on space. and you’ve got no place for a bulky wallet in your life. So, slim down with distal union’s Wally Junior that fits conveniently the the back of your phone case. Not only does it turn your phone into your wallet, but it also means you’ll cut down on time searching for your gear—if you’ve got the one, you’ve got the other.

The Watch

And finally, sometimes EDC isn’t always about the tactical and practical, but just about carrying gear that makes you feel good. So, we picked out one of the sexiest (and functional) watches out there—Armogan’s Spirit of St. Louis.

The nature of EDC is that you carry what you personally need on a day-to-day basis, so this list is by no means exhaustive, but it should get your gears going as to what gadgets you may be interested in carrying. Once you figure out what gear you need to carry and—let’s be honest—the gear you want to carry, it’s all fun from there. City dwellers, carry on!