Ultra Portable USB Cable & Adapter. Charge or sync your phone and tech devices on the go. Effortless to carry so it’s always with you.
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What is the CableKit™?

CableKit is an ultra-portable case for your USB or iPhone charging and data cable, equipped with an adapter of your choice to charge your other devices or a friend’s phone. Its patent pending design includes a handy SIM card removal tool and even has a small storage compartment to hold up to 2 micro or nano SIM cards, or micro SD cards (not included).

Ultra Portable, Uniquely Versatile.

CableKit is small enough to keep comfortably on your keychain and is also designed with a pocket clip so it stores securely in your pockets or bags—perfect for travel or everyday carry. It’s so easy to carry, you don’t even have to think about it. It’s always with you.

Charge or Sync your Devices on the Go.

Connect your devices to your computer to sync files or use any USB power source such as a power bank, car USB port, or wall adapter to charge on the go.


Phone Charger cable

Swap SIM Cards or Store an Extra SD card.

That little silver thing isn’t a fancy toothpick. (Though it could be.) It’s a SIM card eject tool that tucks away securely in your CableKit so you’ll never misplace it. The Kit even has a hidden compartment that stores up to 2 micro or nano SIM cards making it the perfect travel companion.

About the Cable

The CableKit comes with either a USB A to micro USB-B or USB A to Lightning cable that provides both data and charging functions. It has a unibody TPE over-mold construction so you don’t have to worry about tears at the cable/connector interface. It’s designed to be durable, yet flexible enough to accommodate different charging positions without harming your device.

Still Want More?

Watch Aaron and Mike discuss and review Lever Gear’s newest product, the CableKit – an ultra-portable, keychain friendly USB data and charging cable for iphone, micro-b, and USB-C devices.

Get an inside look into the design process and inspiration behind the product from the designer himself. Also, learn about the features and use cases that make the CableKit a must-have tech accessory for travelers.

Configure Your CableKit

Your CableKit can be configured to suit the devices you use most. Simply choose the right combination of cable and adapter to fit your needs.

Micro-B Cable – Like it or not, micro-b connectors are on most small electronic devices today. Simply choose the adapter you use most to charge your phone and other devices.

Lightning Cable – Do you love your iPhone and all things Apple? Choose the lightning cable and then pick a micro-B or USB-C adapter for your other devices.

Choose your CableKit 

CableKit – Lightning Cable

From: $16.95

CableKit – Micro USB Cable

From: $16.95

CableKit – USB-C Cable

From: $16.95

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