This year, Father’s Day is June 16th. So, at this point you’ve got about two and a half weeks to secure the gift that will outshine anything your siblings can come up with— We mean at this point you’ve got about two and a half weeks to secure the gift that will show your dad just how thankful you are for all his hard work, love, and dedication.

Whether you’re buying a gift to impress dad or to upstage your can’t-do-anything-wrong little sibling, we compiled a list of cool Father’s Day gift ideas for dads with a variety of interests that will fit every budget. See a gadget that catches your eye? Just click on the product name to learn more!

The Outdoorsman

The Muncher – for the dad that loves a quality meal even on the trail, a multitool that features a spork, knife, potato peeler, bottle opener, and more

VSSL – for the dad that appreciates being prepared for everything and the minimalist esthetic, a flashlight carrying case that keeps everything he needs compactly stored in a flashlight canister

Litra – for the dad that lights up the night, a tiny but mighty light source great for outdoor sports, photography sessions, and grand adventures

The Business Man

Wallets – for the dad that loves his money, a variety of wallets from minimalist leather wallets and stainless steel money clips to wallets that offer RFID protection and wallets that offer secret storage

Lever Gear Money Clip
Toolcard Pro by Lever Gear
Urban Bi-fold Wallet fully loaded
Urban Bi-Fold by KeySmart

Belts – for the dad that loves a minimalist fashion statement, a variety of belts from Grip6 with different buckle finishes, designs, and belt colors. We offer five different designs, but you can peak at two of our offerings below

Men’s Ninja Belt by Grip6
Men’s USA Gunmetal Flag

Key Organizers – for the dad that likes to keep things organized and avoid the “janitor jingle,” a variety of key organizers—some with a leather design, some with a locator device, and others with a wonderfully minimalist design


The Art Enthusiast

Field Notes – for the dad that is an artist of images or imagery, two selections of notebooks by Field Notes for his writing and sketching pleasures

Three Pack of Original, Lined Paper
Three Pack of Dot Graph Paper

GPCA Tactical Pen – for the dad that always has an adventurous story to share, a multitool pen that will play a leading role in his survival story and help him to write all down

The Alcohol Aficionado

Hopsulator – for the dad that loves his beer and his coffee, an insulated gadget that will keep contents deliciously cool and satisfyingly hot, depending on how he likes it

Winsulator – for the dad that prefers to wine a little on the weekends, a triple-insulated wine bottle that can hold an entire bottle of wine because, let’s be honest, who actually wines “a little” (plus, you’ll win major brownie points with mom too!)

Uncorked – for the dad that enjoys every beverage, an insulated, stainless steel, stemless wine glass. Don’t let the fact that it’s a stemless wine glass deter you—this cup is great for all sorts of drinks from mojitos and margaritas to Irish coffee and buttered rum. It also makes a great dessert cup that keeps fingers from freezing and ice cream from melting (talk about a win-win)!

The Do All Dad

Multitool – for the dad that can do it all or at least likes to be prepared to do it all, a multitool with 40 functions that is slim enough to fit inside his wallet

BitVault – for the dad that likes to have his knickknacks always at the ready, a custom keychain carrying device thats contents are just as unique as your old man (mostly because he can decide what to put inside!)