How To or Not To—That is the Question

So, you purchased your Toolcard Pro because you want to be prepared. But you look at it, feel the weight of it in your hands, and wonder, “How do I use this?” Wonder no more! This blog post is filled with helpful tips and links to instructional videos on how to use your Toolcard Pro multi-tool in everyday life. Just click on the How To heading to view each video.

How To: Installing the Money Clip

Black Toolcard Pro with money clip
Secured with two small hooks, the money clip latches in with a satisfying click.

Maybe you purchased a Toolcard Pro with a money clip. Or, maybe you got creative and ordered a Factory Second with an additional clip. Either way, the money clip is one of the Toolcard Pro’s more unique features. One of our users even found a way to peel a carrot with it. Check out the video to learn more about installing and removing the money clip.

Tip #1 Try placing your thumbs in the center of the clip’s three dash designs to make sure you’re applying pressure in the right place when you’re removing your money clip.

How To: Opening Cans and Bottles

Open a bottle or use the pry bar to save your fingers when you’re popping a tab.

A multitool isn’t going to help you survive if you can’t use it to crack a cold one every once in a while. And it’s no fun backpacking with clunky gear. (Especially when you just want to open your can of yams at the end of the day). The video will show you how to use the Toolcard Pro to open cans and bottles with ease. Now nothing can keep you from enjoying your food or beer!

Tip #2 Once you’ve successfully punctured the entire can top with your Toolcard Pro, you can use the tool’s pry bar to safely remove the top from the can.

Tip #3 Want to use the bottle opener, but your Toolcard Pro is filled with cards and cash? Don’t worry about it! The Toolcard Pro’s bottle opener is fully functional, even if you’re holding valuables with your money clip.

How To: Using the Wrenches and Screwdrivers

A Toolcard Pro owner uses the hex bit holder to make a repair on his bike.

The Toolcard Pro includes 24 wrenches and 3 screwdrivers, which means you can get a lot done! In fact, one Toolcard Pro owner repaired a co-worker’s wheelchair using a wrench and another used her Toolcard Pro while changing her tire. Check out the video to learn more about all you can do with the multitool’s features.

Tip#4 If you’re trying to assemble something that comes with an allen wrench, chances are the allen wrench is small and hard to handle. It can be difficult to hand-tighten bolts when the allen wrench doesn’t give much leverage. Try using the hex bit holder to give yourself extra leverage and grip.

How To: Using the Drafting Tools

Jen used her Toolcard Pro to sketch the idea she had for a studio in her backyard.

For all you artists, engineers, architects, and old school drafters, the Toolcard Pro is a great tool for your creation process. In fact, some of Jen’s favorite tools are the drafting tools (and that’s probably because she used to be a professional draftswoman). We like to keep a diverse and talented crowd around the office. Check out the video to learn about the Toolcard Pro’s drafting tools.

Tip #5 Using the Toolcard Pro’s circle template feature, but don’t want to leave a mark on the circle’s center point? Try using a white color pencil or fine point lead pencil as your template center point.