A Better Way to Carry Small Stuff

Small items can get lost or damaged in pockets or bags. Whether you carry essential daily supplies like medication, toothpicks or mints, or items that may help in a pinch like a usb adapter or SD card, the BitVault helps you securely store, organize and carry your small items.

Compact EDC Screwdriver

The BitVault doubles as a portable screwdriver that holds up to six standard ¼” hex bits. Perfect for cyclists who need a few allen keys for their bike and a couple aspirin for after the ride.

Carry It Your Way

The BitVault has an integrated carabiner style clip that’s designed to clip to your keychain or any small loop and unclip quickly when using the screwdriver. Use the optional belt clip (included) to secure your BitVault to a pocket or belt.


Waterproof Bitvault

Black and Silver Bitvaults

Bitvault & plectrum

Bitvaults in Pocket



TSA Compliant

Lifetime Warranty

Keep it Handy

Never misplace your screwdriver on the jobsite again. The BitVault clips easily to your belt or pocket so your screwdriver stays handy while working on projects.

Built Tough

The rugged all metal construction withstands the elements and can take a beating. The diecast zinc cap fits snugly into the extruded anodized aluminum shell and locks into place to form a solid tool when closed.

Slim Yet Roomy

Traditional Keychain Pill Canisters are cylindrical. They can be short and stubby or long and thin, but either way they don’t nest with your keys and are limited in the items they can carry. The BitVault is designed with a flat profile which fits better in your pocket and fits more stuff

Configure Your Way

The BitVault comes with internal dividers to organize your items and an optional belt clip. Watch the video for tips on using your BitVault.

Don’t Forget The Bits

Pick up a handy set of hex bits to go with your BitVault. Our 6 bit BitKits (say that five times fast) come in three options- Standard, Metric and Cycle.

Choose Your BitVault

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