Beautifully Crafted & Curated EDC

We live for designing everyday carry and outdoor gear. But we can’t do it all (yet). So we’ve curated a selection of the coolest products from some independent brands you may not find everywhere. Whether you’re looking to round out your EDC lineup or looking for a gift they’ll actually use and love, we’ve got something for everyone.

Lever Gear® Products.

Beautifully crafted & curated EDC.

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K Kuriaa

Kind fun cool business and wonderful tools.

T. Caro

5 out of 5! This is by far the most durable multi tool that fits in a wallet. I use a minimalist wallet (as seen in photo) and this is a great addition while still keeping my wallet small. Also, this sucker is durable and isn’t bending anytime soon! Two words: Buy it.

C. Crawford

Very handy tool. A great money clip and the tools are great. Watch all the video’s on YouTube to figure out all the uses. Ordered 3, one for me and two for great friends! I haven’t traveled with it yet, but hope there are no problems with TSA.


This little multi tool money clip is the Beez Knees Boi !!! I clip it to my tactical pants pocket. When i run it doesn’t come loose or fall out including the 6 cards i keep in it . And It’s got a bottle opener for mah Beer ! 😎