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At Lever Gear, we’re dedicated to designing the best, most useful, EDC products that help you do more while carrying less. Choose from our growing line of EDC tools and accessories. Find the Toolcard Pro, the BitVault, and other great Lever Gear products including accessories, store specials, and Lever Gear swag

K Kuriaa

Kind fun cool business and wonderful tools.

T. Caro

5 out of 5! This is by far the most durable multi tool that fits in a wallet. I use a minimalist wallet (as seen in photo) and this is a great addition while still keeping my wallet small. Also, this sucker is durable and isn’t bending anytime soon! Two words: Buy it.

C. Crawford

Very handy tool. A great money clip and the tools are great. Watch all the video’s on YouTube to figure out all the uses. Ordered 3, one for me and two for great friends! I haven’t traveled with it yet, but hope there are no problems with TSA.


This little multi tool money clip is the Beez Knees Boi !!! I clip it to my tactical pants pocket. When i run it doesn’t come loose or fall out including the 6 cards i keep in it . And It’s got a bottle opener for mah Beer ! 😎