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Last week, Mike and Aaron reviewed Supplies by VSSL—you guys loved it so much, we thought we’d give you a peek inside the other VSSL products we offer. Used in close proximity to one another, the irresponsible use of Flask may necessitate the use of First Aid… Used responsibly, packing VSSL gear is a compact way to ensure you’re prepared for whatever life throws at you. Watch this week’s episode to see just what gear these gadgets pack or check below to read a comprehensive list!


• Dual mode, 200 Lumens (static and SOS) LED ‘flood’ beam lantern light, illuminates a large area (batteries included)

• Two stainless steel collapsible shot glasses

• VSSL bottle opener

• Compass (oil filled)

First Aid

Emergency First Aid kit (contents subject to change)

• Emergency whistle

• 2 BZK-based antiseptic wipes

• 2 Isopropyl antiseptic wipes

• 1 Alcohol free cleansing wipe

• 1 Soap wipe

• 1 Triple antibiotic ointment

• 2 Cotton pads (2” x 2”)

• 4 Knuckle bandages

• 8 Butterfly bandages

• 12 Regular bandages

• 4 Ibuprofen tablets

• 4 Aspirin tablets

• 4 Safety pins (2 small, 2 large)

• 1 Tweezers

• 1 Single sided razor blade

• 1 Roll of medical tape

• 1 Roll medical gauze tape

• 1 Pair nitrile gloves