The Litra Torch by Litra is one of the many curated goods we carry in our shop. A portable LED light source in its design and essence, the Litra Torch is a very versatile piece of gear—capable of functioning as a flashlight, a professional photography light source, an adventuring accessory, a night sport illuminator, and more. This gadget is so versatile and impressive, we thought we’d show you just what some adventurous individuals have accomplished with it!

Enjoy, be inspired, and inspire others—

Videographer @edwardleefilms captures @stefaniemyr on her sunset climb.
@andrew.ehsaei uses the Litra Torch for his night hike to Havasu Falls
@prof_daggs uses his Litra Torch’s magnetic function for nighttime, road-side car repairs
With Litra Torches attached to the kite surfer’s boards, photographer @folke_89 was able to capture this night shot.
@creationscape had the chance to capture manta rays feeding on plankton in Kona, Hawaii discovers his own magic with the Litra Torch