If you do nothing else while on this page, click this link and watch Easy Eddy’s well-made, hilarious Kickstarter campaign video. It’s worth the 2 minutes of your life, we promise.

The Easy Eddy Modular Paddle Board is bringing convenience to one of summer’s most enjoyable pastimes—paddle boarding. If you’ve never been paddle boarding before, imagine a combination of surfing and canoeing where you leisurely stand on a board, paddling to your heart’s content where e’er she may lead you. Rivers, lakes, the world’s oceans—they’re all great places to paddle board!

What’s not great about paddle boarding is the transportation of the board itself. In order to provide proper buoyancy and balance, paddle boards aren’t the smallest toys on the market, but Artech MPS is offering a new innovation that resolves all inconvenience—a modular paddle board! Take a look:

Even better than the convenient carrying are its manufacturing features! This board was designed and manufactured in the US, and created from 100% recycled materials. You’ll not only have an easy breezy blast using this product, but you can enjoy the fact that you supported a US company and helped the planet breathe a little easier too. This campaign ends May 31st, so you have time to plan your next paddle boarding adventure and secure your gear!