Look, we’ll be honest—we don’t know much about the chemistry behind roasting, blending, or producing a delicious cup of joe. What we do know is that our office is next door to Due South Coffee, and we’re constantly inundated with the torturous and delicious smells of top quality brew. And, while it would seem as though we live at the office, we don’t; thus, like most adults, having access to delicious coffee at home is one of our top priorities in life.

So, even though the 9 Barista falls a little outside the realm of EDC, it falls well within the realms of badassery. And, when you mix badassery, innovative engineering, and delicious coffee, you’ve got us on the hook for sure!

Product designer William Playford worked 5 years to design the perfect stove top espresso machine. Why is it perfect? It delivers the exact pressure—9 bar—and temperature—93ºC—needed to deliver the delicious drink through a twin boiler design. 

One thing we love about this project (other than the end result, of course) is William’s up front approach with his project. He’s running this Kickstarter to fund tooling costs, so unfortunately the machines aren’t ready to be shipped out immediately. According to his timeline, you’ll have to wait until October to get this in your home. The good news is, William has worked meticulously on this design for 5 years, so we’re guessing the tooling process will be pretty spot on. 

If you’re a coffee aficionado and are interested in buying into a coffee innovation (or even if you just want to appreciate the genius engineering that went into this gadget), we highly recommend you take a look! Don’t wait too long though, this campaign ends April 25.