Sexy slim. Super sharp. So, so small.

The Everyday Blade is a great little piece of EDC that will enhance your carry with powerfully sharp blades without weighing you down or costing you much. This EDC pocket knife is literally the size of a key allowing it to fit on your key ring without being obtrusive.

With the ability to hold up to twelve different blades, this little guy packs a lot into one gadget. It features single-handed opening and closing, a hard lock when opened and closed for secure use and carry, easy blade replacement, and it’s designed for ambidextrous use. One feature we particularly like about the Everyday Blade is that its designed to accept common, off-the-shelf blades, so you’re not forced into a single blade brand or style—there’s a wide variety of choice!

Obviously with one of the gadget’s selling points being the blade sharpness and knife functionality, it’s not TSA compliant. However! There is a caveat. With the easy blade removal, the Everyday Blade gadget itself—sans blades—can be carried on a plane. You’ll just need to pack your blades in your checked luggage or properly discard of your blades before going through security.

If American made goods are important to you, it’ll tickle your fancy to know the Everyday Blade was designed, engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

Designed by Korcraft, this EDC pocket knife was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in the fall. Since September, The Everyday Blade has been continued to gain support on Indiegogo, earning nearly $100,000 total. While Korcraft is new to the crowdfunding scene, they’ve run a very up front and honest campaign. You can still support their project through Indiegogo, but we suspect they will shut down their In Demand campaign soon, as they’re estimating product delivery to their backers in April 2019 (aka THIS month). Even if you can’t hop on the “early” supporter train, we think this piece of gear is worth the small investment. So, if the Indiegogo campaign has ended by the time you’re seeing this—don’t hesitate to submit your pre-order directly on their website!