In our experience, the best products come from a personal problem and an individual motivated enough to design a solution. The Blackwall Carabiner offers just that. While preparing to decorate for Christmas, inventor Brent Garcia wasn’t looking forward to having to climb in and out of his attic for every box, so he went looking for a solution. When the internet proved to be no help, Brent decided to design his own quick release harness solution and the Blackwall Carabiner was born.

These carabiners are multipurpose, which is one reason we like them so much! Blackwall Carabiners were originally designed to gather rope loops, form a harness, and then release once tension is freed. However, these carabiners can also be used as a quick release harness, a four point hooked harness, a single loop knotless gear tie, and a double-cross knotless gear tie.

Not only is this carabiner quick release harness multifunctional, but it’s also being produced by a seasoned, successful product designer. Oh, and did we mention it’s all made in America? Take a look at this practical piece of EDC and add it to your carry before the campaign ends March 27!