We all know the joy of finding THE pen that writes just how we like it. We also know the joy of finding gear that fits our carry to a T. But, sometimes it’s difficult to find a tactical pen that meets both those specifications. And, thus, we introduce to you REFYNE’S EP1: Essential EDC Titanium Bolt-Action Pen—a tactical pen designed around one of REFYNE’S favorite pens, the Schmidt easyFLOW 9000.

Not only does this pen sport a beautiful, minimalistic design, but it also has some key EDC features. First, there’s a removable pocket clip, so you can carry how you please. Second, it’s designed with custom machined screws and accepts a standard T6 Torx bit, making the pen uniquely sturdy and yet simple to assemble. And—best of all—there’s no need to have the everlasting Titanium versus Stainless Steel debate. REFYNE was intelligent (and kind) enough to manufacture pens in both finishes. Not to mention the beautiful hint of copper you see right where the action is taking place. And, hey, if the Schmidt easyFLOW 9000 isn’t your favorite pen, don’t worry. REFYNE’s pen is designed to fit most Parker style refills. So, grab a pen for yourself at their discounted Kickstarter prices before their campaign ends April 11.