A good bag is an essential part of your everyday carry. It’s the piece that can bring everything together and consolidate your gear into a manageable, compact, easy-to-grab survival pack. Assuming you’re looking for a day-to-day bag (not something to manage Everest with), a touch of fashion doesn’t hurt either. So, if you’re in the market for a practical, well built, responsibly sourced bag, the Mi Terro Cork Duffle Suitcase may be the innovation for you.

Made from scratch-proof cork fabric and recycled plastic, the Mi Terro CDS is water resistant and designed with 17 features that allow for more organized and convenient carrying. We didn’t know much about cork when we first saw this bag, but quickly learned about the many benefits of the material. Cork offers a lot of the same features as leather—stain and water resistance, durability—with even more added benefits like lighter weight and lower maintenance cost.

Mi Terro also offers some crazy cool environmental incentives like the fact that the recycled plastic used for each bag removes two pounds of plastic waste from our oceans and for every bag they sell, they plant a tree on your behalf. There’s nothing quite like owning a badass product and being a badass that’s saving the planet all at the same time. If you want a bag, we suggest you order one through Kickstarter to get the discounted price. The campaign ends March 16!