Simply put, KLIP is a titanium pocket knife and suspension hook. We love the minimal design and maximum quality of this little gadget. It’s so badass; we really just can’t get over it. Just look at this rendering—it’s like beauty defined in a five second clip.

This gadget masters the clean and compact design we like to see on our keychain carry. The KLIP is not only compact, but its Titanium construction also offers a lightweight and hardy design that every EDC enthusiast can get behind. The best part is your carry is enhanced immeasurably with this compact knife without physically weighing you down.

Finally, the versatile carrying options land this tiny gadget on our list of wants. And it’s not just us that wants one! This Kickstarter project already has more than 500 backers and the support is growing. This project ends March 6, so make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy in early. When paying for premium, we think this gear is fairly priced. And! The product designers are so on the ball, they’ve already begun mass production. With estimated delivery in April 2019, you won’t even have to wait long to get your newest piece of gear.