Earlier this week on our Gear Up! Show, we reviewed a tactical pen by StatGear so when we saw they also had an active Kickstarter campaign running, we knew we had to look into this gear innovation for ourselves. After consulting their consumers and learning exactly what they wanted most in a knife, StatGear designed The LEDGE.

Sleek design. Sharp blade. Stainless steel construction. You really can’t ask for much more. Oh, other than the fact that StatGear designed this knife to comply with strict knife laws in Canada and the UK. This knife really is a marvel.

If you’re interested in snagging one for yourself, you can back this project until the first week of March. With more than 500 backers, this project has nearly met its funding goal by 200%. And, with more than 20 projects launched, StatGear is no stranger to the crowdfunding scene, so expect a seamless experience and your gear delivered on time and as promised.