de·sign /dəˈzīn/ the purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fact, or material object

What is design? We just defined it above, but what is it?

Better yet—what makes a good design? Is it found in beauty? The use of clean lines and bold color schemes? Or maybe good design lies in functionality. Or maybe it’s usability and reliability that are markers of good design. To delve further into the world of design, we wanted to know what advice some of the world’s greatest designers had to offer. So, we asked them, and this is what they had to share:

1. Alexandre Touguet

“If Design is born of an intention to improve Life, it can also destroy it. Being a designer today means taking big responsibilities in the face of tomorrow’s challenges.”

Touguet is a French product designer concentrating in home and consumer goods. He’s designed everything from chairs and tables to the very rooms and buildings they sit in. You may even own a piece of Touguet design if you possess a Samsung GalaxyS 360.

Alexandre’s primary design philosophy revolves around the idea that there’s just too much junk in the world. And that makes him a man after our own heart.

2. Farid Nanou

“Be adaptable & innovative – there’s a time and a place for your favourite design style, but you must be able to adapt to requirements and take into account the user.”

Nanou is a UI/UX designer working in England. He specializes in designing apps, websites, and other digital products. While we don’t know exactly what Nanou will produce next, he’s working with two former ‘heads-of’ at Uber on what is sure to be a beautiful and functional platform.

3. Davide Radaelli

“Curiosity and knowledge, both general and strictly professional, should be fundamental tools for any designer. What you know is the matter you combine in order to create any concepts, the ingredients of your creativity.”

Jack of all trades, Radaelli provides consultancy on product design, exhibit and interior architecture, graphic design & communication for clients worldwide. The Davide Radaelli Design Studio is located in Milan, Italy and aims to develop longstanding relationships with clients.