The Toolcard Pro packs 40 tools into a single, credit-card sized multitool. When you look at it, certain uses are immediately evident. But, if you get creative, the tools and possibilities of the Toolcard Pro are endless. Here are just a few of the lesser known tools and creative uses we came up with: 

5) The Chevy Chaser

With Christmas around the corner, you may be dreading the labor that goes into setting up your tree. The Toolcard Pro can remove any chance of a decorating debacle!

Screwing eyelets into the base of a tree is one of the most painful processes. Not only are you having to put real elbow grease into tightening these screws, but you’re also having to do it while you’re crouching down, head first in a fir tree, hoping with all your might you don’t come face-to-face with a squirrel. Use your Toolcard Pro to give yourself some extra leverage. You’ll get the job done faster and without putting undue stress on your hands. 

Just insert the eyelet into the closed-end wrenches of the Toolcard Pro and twist. 

4) Giving You the Power to Screw

Have you ever noticed the hexagon-shaped hole in your Toolcard Pro and wondered what that could be for? It’s a hex bit holder! With the right hex bit in hand, this lesser known function allows the Toolcard Pro to act as a screwdriver for any number of bit shapes. You can even grab a Klein 32 Piece Bit Set to diversify what screws you can…well, screw. 

3) Catch My Draft? 

Another common question we get is, “What’re all those little holes for?” They’re circle templates! And they are a part of the Toolcard Pro’s drafting tools.

Use the circle template to draw perfect circles and the Toolcard Pro’s straight edge to draw lines. Use the protractor to find angles and the speed square to make your marks. You can even use the Toolcard Pro’s structural design as an eraser shield! Check out the video above to find out more.

2) Open For a Good Time 

Whether it contains pickles, salsa, or jam, struggling to open a can or bottle can put you in a real pickle. . . can get you stuck in a jam. . . can make you not want to salsa. I mean, just look at this guy. . .

It can be a pain (and embarrassment) when you can’t open a jar. But, with the Toolcard Pro, you can forgo these embarrassing situations. 

 Become the badass hero that brought the barbeque back online, that gave the party chips something to dip into, and that slathered something sweet on the crumpets. How have we mastered such magic? 

Simply wiggle the pry bar between the lid and the jar. This will help to loosen the seal, giving you the edge you need to make opening the jar just a little bit easier. This guy certainly wishes he’d had a Toolcard Pro handy.

1) Do It With No Hands

In my humble opinion, this is the coolest use for a Toolcard Pro.

Need a split second easel to film your viral video? Trying to read an instructions while making a repair? Working on gathering all the children around for a Skype call with your extended family? Doing any task that requires two hands? You can quickly transform your Toolcard Pro into a phone stand and free up your hands.

 All you need is a pen. Try this one out for yourself. It’s surprisingly stable!

Share your creativity!

The Toolcard Pro is stacked with features and tools, and their uses—whether practical or creative—are endless. Have you discovered another creative way to use your Toolcard Pro that we didn’t cover in this list? Let us know in the comments below, or drop us a line at We’d love to see what how you’re putting our gear to use!