Over the last few months, we’ve spent countless hours on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Why? Well, because we’ve been crowdfunding for our newest CLiP™ System products! But that’s probably not news to you. While we’re convinced the CLiP™ System is awesome, we have to admit it—there’s a lot of amazing gear out there. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite crowdfunding campaigns for your viewing pleasure!

HYDAWAY – Collapsible. Colorful. Environmentally Friendly.

HYDAWAY is a collapsible silicone water bottle. It looks like it’s super convenient to carry for any travels or adventures. And, more than convenient, this water bottle means a smaller ecological footprint. Not to mention all the bright color options! To get your hands on a HYDAWAY water bottle, you only have to pledge $21. This crowdfunding campaign ends August 14, so don’t wait to act if you want one!

NILS – Two words: wearable tech.

Why is there a bracelet on this gear list? Excellent question! Because NILS is a bracelet like no other. Unclip the NILS bracelet to reveal a charging cable made with DuPont Kevlar fiber. More than convenient, this tech is fashionable, water resistant, and comes in a variety of sizes. Pledge as little as $6 to this crowdfunding campaign to get a NILS of your own. Grab yours before the campaign ends on August 22!

ECLIPSE – Miniature. Masculine. Mighty.

ECLIPSE is an amazing piece of morphing everyday carry. Slightly larger than a silver dollar and made from 440C Stainless Steel, the ECLIPSE will morph into a sharp, functional knife. And! According to their crowdfunding campaign, they’re considering adding a bottle opening feature as well. Buying in is a little pricier than some of the other gear on this list, but for $39 you can call an ECLIPSE your own. (Not a bad price for a quality piece of EDC.) This campaign ends August 26!

CINCH! – Smart. Modular. Simplistic.

CINCH! is one of the most impressive tents we’ve seen in a long time! It’s a pop up and can be constructed in minutes. It has smart features. And the best feature? It’s modular! So, you can construct an impressive outdoor creation that accommodates your adventurous needs. The CINCH! two man tent is available for $299—which is 25% off their estimated retail price. Grab yours and change the way you adventure!

THE MICRO WALLET – Slim. Styled. Secure.

THE MICRO WALLET is minimalism at its finest. Made of Tyvek, this wallet gives a convenient, durable, and environmentally friendly way to carry your valuables. It’s got RFID protection too! Worried that minimalism means boring wallet designs? Have no fear! The wallet’s creators teamed up with different artists across the globe to create some truly unique designs. You can get a minimalist wallet of your own for $14.