Not sure if a wallet multi-tool is for you? Here’s 10 reasons why it’s just for you.

1. Impress women

Be a knight in shining armor or impress your friends by always having a fix at hand with a pocket wallet multi-tool.

“I impressed a young lady who was trying to tighten a nut down for a mic stand. She was surprised when I stepped up, took out my money clip, and rescued her. A geek to the rescue.”

by GeekMustHave, an Amazon customer

2. Fun to fiddle with

I think we all need to trade screen time for more quality offline time. Instead of spending time with your smartphone, try fixing or designing stuff with the hardware and drafting tools on your wallet multi-tool.

“I’ve had it for 20 mins and the possibilities are endless. It has replaced my other card toolkit with ease.”

by Chris, an Amazon Customer

3. Always be prepared

Scouts taught us ‘Always Be Prepared.’ A wallet multi-tool is helpful in the situations you plan and the ones the you don’t.

4. Advance your toddler’s math skills

“…I just got it today and I’ve already used this to get into an insanely tight spot and turn a 12mm bolt…”

By an anonymous Amazon Customer

Brayden is almost three years old, and he can tell you a lot about units. Why? Because Brayden was born with the Toolcard Pro handy and that introduced him to the concept of units early on. Carrying a wallet multi-tool is also a great lesson in preparedness for your young learners.

“He already knows units are measured in inches, feet and miles.”

By April, Brayden’s Mom

5. Be an independent spouse

When I got married, to my dismay, I didn’t have much ownership of the toolbox. But, with my Toolcard Pro handy I can fix, open, measure and sketch without bothering with a toolbox.

“I keep a Toolcard in the kitchen and my wallet, so I never have to walk far to get my Toolcard”

By Jen, a Lever Gear Employee

6. Lighten your load

Speaking of not bothering with a toolbox, wallet multi-tools are considered everyday carry (EDC). EDC folks care about weight, functionality, and great design. Lighten your load with a pocket multitool.

“…This is the most durable multi-tool that fits in a wallet. This is a great addition while still keeping my wallet small. Also, this sucker is durable and isn’t bending anytime soon! Two words: Buy it.”

by Tristan Larson Carom, an Amazon customer

7. Support local

Lever Gear is an American company that employs the local community. Everyone from the Web-designer to the punch press operator cares to make the best product that carries a lifetime guarantee.

“I love this tool and have used/carried one since its initial inception. It is well made and manufactured in the U.S. which is rare these days it seems. Not only has Lever Gear earned a customer for life. I’ve had one in my wallet for about a year and a half now, and that will not change as long as I’m around. This is the reason I only carry U.S. made products backed by American companies; they just get it.”

By GOBLUE24, an Amazon customer

8. Feel like 007

The name’s Pro, Toolcard Pro. This multi-tool can be your money clip wallet. It looks sexy on a poker table and can rescue you from a bind (or evil villain).

“Oh, I so loved this [from] the moment I used this on my birth date as a fancy bottle opener at my party. No one had a bottle opener at the BBQ until I pulled it like a 007 agent with one of the fancy gadgets…”

By an anonymous Amazon customer

9. Carry a badass wallet

Minimal, tough, and sleek.  Only carry what you need and still be able to fix, draw, and open stuff with your badass multitool wallet.

“I love it! I use it instead of a wallet [and] can use the bottle opener without removing my money and cards from the clip. The design feels sturdy…”

By Hal, an Amazon customer

10. Be a minimalist

Why carry a toolbox, if you can carry a Toolcard Pro? Nowadays, everyone has a lot of stuff, and the world needs more goods that are crafted with intent.  This minimalist, TSA-approved wallet multi-tool fits the bill.

“I have become obsessed with minimalist versatile tools that are TSA approved. I seem to always need a small screwdriver to fix my glasses or replace a battery in a gadget…Excellent product, excellent service.”

By an anonymous Amazon customer