An intense hands-on process from start to finish

Watch the precision machining and quality that goes into each Toolcard Pro. Made in the U.S. by many skilled hands, ending in a robust and beautiful part. Meet our team along the way.   


At first glance of the Toolcard Pro, I could see that careful thought had gone into each decision.  I saw that the product was artfully designed and well made, and the owners, Mike and April, are passionate about creating great products.  After I joined the team, I saw more examples of the obsessive attention to every detail from design to shipping.    As a videographer and former draftsperson, one of my passions is communicating the process of machinists. I was eager to visit Lever Gear’s vendor, Alpha Tech, Inc. in Fletcher, NC to learn each step that goes into making the Toolcard and I was not disappointed. The factory was brightly lit and well organized, and the technicians I spoke with were friendly and knowledgeable. I was impressed with the care and attention they put into each Toolcard from stamping to machining to finishing. It made me realize that this is truly an artisanal American creation. Tell us what you think.

Making the Toolcard Pro in photos