Ultimate EDC Bundle


The Ultimate EDC Bundle combines three of our top selling products, plus three useful add-ons into one great deal. Complete your EDC setup or give them as gifts to the gear lovers in your life.

Bundle includes a Toolcard Pro with money clip, an Edge XT, your choice of Cablekit, a matching Adapter Pack, X-acto blade 10-pack, and 6 piece Bit Kit. Choose silver or black for the Toolcard and Edge XT.

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Ultimate EDC Bundle!

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The Ultimate EDC Bundle will have you ready for whatever the day throws at you. The Edge XT fits neatly on your keychain with a quick blade when you’re on the go. The Toolcard Pro is a slim money clip or wallet card and adds wrenches, a can opener and a straight edge for your Edge. And with the Cablekit, you always have a two cables in one tangle free kit so you never lose a charge.

Toolcard Pro with Money Clip

40 Tools In Your Wallet So You Can Get Stuff Done.

MADE IN THE USA! So you can be proud to carry the Toolcard Pro from 420 Stainless Steel and heat treated for extra strength and hardness.

SUPREMELY FUNCTIONAL - 40 Tools with hundreds of uses so you can get more done without having to run and get your tools

EASY TO CARRY - At just 1 ounce and 1.5mm thin, the Toolcard Pro slips easily into your wallet without the bulk. You won’t even notice it’s there.

TSA COMPLIANT - Abides by all TSA carry-on rules. In the rare instance a rogue agent decides to steal your Toolcard, we’ll replace it.

LIFETIME WARRANTY - If your Toolcard breaks or is damaged we’ll replace it for life. Normal wear and tear excluded.

The Edge XT Utility Knife Multitool

Utility Knife Multitool

10 TOOLS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS - Combines ten of the most useful tools for daily tasks, so you can save time and get more done.

BUILT FOR DAILY CARRY - Slim and light for easy carry on your keychain, pocket or bag. The safety lock prevents opening while not in use.

BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED - Take pride in owning a well made tool. The Edge is built to last a lifetime.

GET A GRIP - The Edge fits comfortably in your hand to give you a firm grip while using the tools and allows one-handed operation.

QUICK AND EASY BLADE CHANGES - Swap in a new blade or remove the blade in seconds when entering a restricted area.

LIFETIME WARRANTY - If your Edge XT breaks or is damaged we’ll replace it for life. Normal wear and tear excluded.


Don’t be Stranded Without Your Phone Cable!

PROTECTIVE CARRY CASE - Unlike other keychain cables with exposed connectors, the CableKit protects your cable connectors from damage, dust and debris.

FAST CHARGING - Use with any fast charge power source to quickly charge your phone. The 26AWG power wires deliver up to 10A of current.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - No more ripped cables at the junction between the connector and cable.

ADAPTER STORAGE - Included adapter works with longer cables as well, so you’re never stuck with the wrong cable.

STORE SIM AND SD CARDS - Securely holds up to 2 Mini or Micro SIM cards or Micro SD cards.

Bundle Bonus – 3 Useful Add-Ons

Adapter Pack

These adapters can fit in your Cablekit, or keep them handy to turn any matching cable into three. 

X-acto Blade 10-pack

Everyone can use some extra blades. Keep your Edge XT sharp or use these with any standard X-acto knife.

6 Piece Bit Kit

BitKit standard 6 piece bit set on white background

This handy kit hold six bits to use with your Edge XT, Toolcard or any standard 1/4″ hex wrench.