Influencer Affiliate Program

Are you an influencer or marketer with an audience who would love our products, either for themselves or as a gift?

Do you love our products and resonate with our message of preparedness, self-reliance, and a love of quality tools?

Then we want you to help us spread the word!

Fill out the short form below to see if you qualify to become a Lever Gear affiliate and we’ll email you with complete details of the program.

Top 5 reasons to become a Lever Gear affiliate:

  1. Our products are unique, innovative and well designed. You can be proud to share them with your audience and they’ll love you for it.
  2. Our program is simple – You receive and promote the products you like, the way you like, and get paid a commission on attributed sales.
  3. We offer some of the highest rates in the industry and they apply to all items in the shopping cart, not just promoted items.
  4. The customers you bring are yours for life with all future orders attributed to you.
  5. We pride ourselves in treating our customers (and your audience) with excellent service- A positive experience and good vibes all around.


By tying your payout to the sales you generate instead of an up front fee, everyone benefits.

Your Audience

Your audience wants to find cool, new products and great gift ideas. They trust you and value your opinion. If your posts convert, it means your audience likes the products you are promoting which builds trust and is a signal to give them more of what they want. Don’t dilute your brand by posting products you don’t believe in just because you’re getting paid. Plus your unique coupon code gives your fans a deal on some great products.

Influencer (You)

You’ve worked hard to build an audience by creating great content, and you deserve to be rewarded. If you truly have influence in this niche, your upside isn’t capped. You deserve to get paid for all the customers you bring us. If, however, your promotion doesn’t generate much in sales, well, you got some great products, posted some cool content and you’ve learned more about your audience and can move on to something more lucrative.

Lever Gear

We make awesome products (if we do say so ourselves) but we’re a small business and we can’t afford to throw money at influencers that may not be a fit. We can’t waste time and money trying to evaluate (guess) an influencer’s true value or pay for lame promotions that don’t work. That’s why we’re happy to pay a generous commission for the customers you introduce us to. Hey, we’d rather pay you than some giant, spammy ad platform.

Can Promoting Lever Gear Products Really Pay Off?

Our official influencer program is brand new but here are a few case studies from influencers who promoted our products in the past.

Mommy Blogger Gift Guide

In December 2016 a popular women’s lifestyle/mom blogger included the Toolcard Pro in her “Gift Guide for Dads” generating over $12,000 in sales of the Toolcard alone in 3 days. We’re still seeing residual sales from that post three years later.

Unboxing the Toolcard

In April 2017 an unboxing Youtuber showed the Toolcard among several other products. That short clip generated about $5000 in sales and probably would have done more if it hadn’t crashed our website.

EDC Youtuber BitVault Review

In December 2018 an EDC reveiwer on Youtube reviewed the BitVault generating about $2500 initial sales. His occasional short mentions of Lever Gear continue to generate about $400 per month in attributed sales.

So what are you waiting for?