KeySmart Pro White with Tile Smart Location by KeySmart


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Keysmart’s solution to, “Honey, have you seen my keys?” This key holder tracking device is convenient for carrying keys and finding them if lost. Includes Tile™, LED flashlight, bottle opener, micro USB cable, and rechargeable battery.

Great for husbands, wives, and teens alike. See product description below for further details. Have questions? Please email

I used to waste so much time searching for my keys and phone, and—between four house keys, two car keys, one carabiner, and one can of mace—my keychain was too clunky. KeySmart Pro was the solution I needed to help keep my keys organized and locateable!

Anna, Lever Gear Communications Coordinator


We all know that person who constantly misplaces their keys. (Maybe it’s you.) It’s never fun, and it typically happens at the. absolute. worst. time.
Nevermore! KeySmart has teamed up with Tile to design the KeySmart Pro. This Sherlock-worthy product keeps your keys compactly organized and their location always known. How? Tile™ works with a free app on your phone, making it possible to track your missing keys on a map. If your missing keys are within close proximity, you can even use the app to make your KeySmart Pro sing you a jingle, so you can find them faster and be along your way quicker.
In today’s day and age sometimes losing your phone can be even more stressful than misplacing your keys. The guys at KeySmart and Tile thought of this and designed a solution. Press the Tile™ button twice on your KeySmart Pro and your phone will ring—even if it’s on silent—announcing its location and causing an immediate sense of relief to flow through your body. If you misplace your keys and your phone, well you’re just up the creek without a paddle, aren’t you?
Not only does the KeySmart Pro come equipped with convenient tracking capabilities, but it also features a bottle opener, LED light, micro-USB cable, and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 45 days. The KeySmart Pro can hold up to 10, flat keys, and is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The KeySmart Pro is designed with polycarbonate plastic frames and stainless steel hardware to be shatter and scratch proof  and easily assembled (no tools required!). Get yours today, and you can get lost on your next grand adventure sooner!
  • KeySmart Pro comes equipped with convenient tracking capabilities by Tile
  • Bottle opener
  • LED light
  • micro-USB cable
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 45 days
  • Can hold up to 10, flat keys
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Designed with polycarbonate plastic frames and stainless steel hardware to be shatter and scratch proof and easily assembled (no tools required!).