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This is us. We’re dedicated to making beautifully designed EDC gear that solves actual problems. Our first product, the Toolcard Pro makes it easy to always carry tools with you. Our next products, the BitVault and BitLight make it easy to carry small objects while adding the functionality of a hex bit driver and flashlight.

Kershaw was founded in 1974 with a mission to design and manufacture tools that knife users would be proud to own, carry, and use. They are know for producing excellent quality knives at an even more excellent value. We were impressed not only with the feel and aesthetics of their knives but also their commitment to innovation as seen in their silky smooth flip assist knives.  

Inspired by the  promotional memo books that were historically distributed to American farmers, Field Notes has developed a range of writing products that harken back to these traditional roots. Field Notes has mastered the simultaneous embrace of tradition and exudation of modern design quality in each of its products. 

Like all great companies, Grip6 was started by one engineer’s effort to solve a personal problem. Self-proclaimed minimalist BJ Minson was tired of the impracticality of the traditional belt design. So, he set out (to his garage) to fix the issue and a minimalist belt was born. The spirit of Grip6’s designs can be summed in two words: simplicity and quality.

VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools was founded by Canadian adventurer Todd Weimer. Having built and tested his own survival tools as a kid, Todd saw an opportunity offered by LED technology to re-purpose the traditional flashlight form factor into modular canister system with interchangeable camping tools.

Identify a common problem. Design a great solution to solve it. Launch on Kickstarter and build a brand. Sounds like our kind of company. Keysmart was born in 2013 with a goal to save the world from bulk and annoying keys. That simple product has evolved with a complete line of accessories and integrated technology that provide an elegant solution for carrying keys.

Equipped with more than a decade of design experience, the movers and shakers behind LITRA are now working to bring their own world class products to market. Having dubbed their gear, “Professional Adventure Lighting™” LITRA is working to forever change your outdoor experience.

Driven by a personal frustration they experienced with traditional key carrying mechanisms, the founders of Orbitkey were determined to resolve the issue through contemporary industrial design. In 2013, Charles Ng and Rex Kuo introduced their first product to the world of crowdfunding. Turns out, a lot of people experienced the exact same personal frustration, and thus Orbitkey was thrust into success and continues to design quality gear that helps you live intentionally. 

Based in Charleston, SC, Distil Union was formed in 2011 by prduct designers 
Nate Justiss and Lindsay Windham. Like us, they launched their business on Kickstarter, and have since launched seven successful campaigns for their line of fun and inspired personal accessories. Their products are well built with a touch of magic.


Zero Tolerance produces the kind of knives that true aficionados crave. The Zero Tolerance brand was formed by Kai USA, Ltd. in 2006 to fill a need for hard-use, made in the USA knives for military and police personnel. They’ve since added some smaller, more edc friendly knives like the beauties in our store. All ZTs are proudly built in our Tualatin, Oregon USA manufacturing facility by our most skilled workers.

Functional. Sustainable. Long-lasting. Full Windsor was founded in 2011 by award winning product designer Mark Windsor with the purpose of  innovating outdoor gear accessories that put these three characteristics first and foremost. Full Windsor lives by the motto, “Do more with less”—a motto we ourselves embrace in our design ethos.

Birthed from the design minds of product development engineers, General Purpose California—better known as GPCA—was founded in 2015 and has since partnered with the likes of  Mercedes, Audi, and Jeep. Much like these vehicle brands, GPCA designs luxurious products for the adventurist, so you only use the highest quality gear. Whether you’re on the adventure of a lifetime or your day to day life is an everyday adventure, GPCA equips you with only the best.