FAQs / Demos

About the Toolcard

What does TSA compliant mean? Can I take it on an airplane?

The U.S. Transportation and Security Administration stipulates that tools carried on a plane must be less than 7” in length and prohibits knives. The full TSA guidelines can be found here. Other countries may have different rules so be sure that you understand the carry-on rules for the countries you will be flying from.

We have taken our Toolcards on several flights without incident including trips between the US and Canada. Often the security agents will remove the item for closer inspection before letting it through.

*Please note, the final decision rests with the TSA officer as to whether any item is allowed through the checkpoint.

For that reason, we recommend the following actions to minimize the chance of an agent stealing (ahem, confiscating) your Toolcard:

  1. If possible, pack it in a checked bag. Although we have heard stories of items being stolen from people out of their checked luggage.
  2. Remove the Toolcard from your wallet and place it in the bin. This shows you’re not trying to sneak anything past them.
  3. If the agent says it can’t go through, calmly explain to them that it’s a tool under 7 inches without a blade. If they still insist, politely ask to see a supervisor who can explain the rule it violates.

How scratch resistant are the Toolcards? Will they scratch?

The Toolcards are heat treated to a hardness of 48HRC but like any metal, they can be scratched by a sharp object of similar or greater hardness. Metal on metal will create slight scratches on the card like you would see on your car keys. We prefer to think of scratches as character marks- the sign of a well used tool. The black treatment improves hardness and scratches are slightly less noticeable.

What kind of black coating do you use?

Our black coating uses a process called Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). PVD is a method for producing metal-based hard coatings by causing a reaction between partially ionized metal vapor with certain gases. The PVD coating ends up as a thin film on our Toolcards that adds hardness and increased corrosion resistance. The black coating won’t flake or peel off and reflects the character of the steel.

Will it bend?

Not easily. Both the card and the clip are made from heat treated 420 stainless steel. The clip is thin enough to flex but will always spring back to its natural position to hold your cash and cards. The card is very rigid and won’t bend unless you really torque down on it—while using the prybar for instance. However, just like the clip, it will always spring back to flat.

How do I remove/attach the clip?

The clip is designed to snap on and off securely and easily without tools or fasteners. Once you know the trick, it’s a snap (ugh, sorry). Watch the demo video here: http://www.levergear.com/demo

How do I use the different tools?

See below for our demo videos of the various functions of the Toolcard.

How do I clean it?

We’ve found that dish soap, hot water and a cloth works great. You can also try rubbing alcohol for tough spots. 

How many cards does the money clip hold?

It will hold up to 6 cards or fewer cards and a wad of cash.

Do you offer the Toolcard in Titanium?

We’re working on it. Titanium offers some benefits and drawbacks. We are working to find the right balance of material grade and production processes to develop a Titanium Toolcard that will meet or exceed the performance and quality of stainless steel.

Will it scratch other things in my pocket/wallet/purse?

The Toolcards are tumbled to remove the sharp edges and corners. It’s roughly the equivalent of having car keys in your pocket. Every Toolcard ordered on LeverGear.com includes a custom sleeve which you can keep your Toolcard in to protect it and the other items in your bag or pocket.


Do you ship to my country and how long does it take?

We’ve shipped orders all around the world without incident. The only issues would be if your country does not import US goods.

Shipping time to countries vary. For orders shipping to the United States, it normally takes up to a week for the order to arrive. For orders shipping to Canada, the ship time can be from one to three weeks. For orders shipping to Mexico, Japan, Australia, and Western Europe, the ship time can take up to four to five weeks. Shipping anywhere else in the world can take up to six weeks. Please note that in some instances, it can take 30-45 days to get through customs and there may be duties and taxes imposed by your government that you are responsible for.

Do I need to pay duties on my international order?

If your country charges duties or tariffs on imported goods you will need to pay them. We will provide a declared value for all shipments and your country may determine that a duty needs to be paid. We cannot mark goods as “gift” or other labels to gain preferential treatment. If you do not accept the duty and your goods are returned to us, we will process a refund for your order minus the shipping and handling fee. Please note: customized orders can not be refunded for any reason.

How are orders shipped and will I get a tracking number?

Our default shipping method is USPS first class mail. You will receive an email with tracking number when your order ships.

For international orders, some countries will continue tracking all the way to your door while others will only track to the U.S. border. For expedited international shipping and tracking information from door to door, please consider choosing FedEx to ship your order.

How do I request a refund or replacement?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all orders placed on this website for 60 days after receipt of your order. See our full return policy for details on how to initiate your return and refund. Products purchased through other websites or stores are subject to the return policies of those stores. Please contact the store where you purchased your product for returns.

In addition, some of our products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty beyond the 60 day grace period. Please see the individual product page through the store on this website for details.

How long does it take to process an order?

Our lead time is normally two business days. However, during the holiday season and for orders over 10 cards, the lead time can take up to 1-2 weeks. Please contact support@levergear.com for information on your order or for any other questions.