5 Words to Describe Lever Gear

An important part of any company is identity. From identity flows brand, from brand flows strategy, from strategy flows (hopefully) success. Today, we wanted to share five words that drive our own identity as a provider of EDC gadgets.

And let’s be honest, we’ve all read plenty of company manifestoes filled with words like “committed,” “passionate,” “reliable…” The list goes on, and we don’t want to bore you, so we’re whipping out our old SAT flashcards; we’re borrowing from other languages; and we’re gonna put our brand identity on full display.

1. Unparagoned


At Lever Gear, we pride ourselves on being a stand out company committed to designing the best gear on the EDC market.

2. Perspicacious

of acute mental vision or discernment KEEN

We also make it a point to consider carefully the needs of the customers carrying our gear so we can optimize our designs.

3. Ebullient

characterized by ebulliencehaving or showing liveliness and enthusiasm

We love what we do. Our entire company mantra revolves around the opportunity to make others’ lives easier, and that is something that really gets us going each and every morning.

4. Bellwether

one that takes the lead or initiative LEADER

Why did we choose the image above? Because without us saying a single word, you knew what company this logo represented. Why? Because this company leads the pack and sets the trend. We too aim to be trendsetters.

5. Pulchritudinous

 physical comeliness : BEAUTY

In our designs, in our business model, in our customer relationships, in our pursuit to change the world of EDC, we always strive for beauty.

Bonus: Iktsuarpok (Inuit)

the feeling of anticipation you get when expecting someone, and you keep going outside to check to see if they’ve arrived

You got us. Iktsuarpok isn’t one of our brand words. But, man—we hope it’s how you feel after you order from our EDC gear store!